A HUGE hello to @WePharmerOZ

Sunday 17th January 2016 by @WePharmerOZ

The objective of @WePharmerOz - The Australian Pharmacist WeCommunity - is to get Aussie pharmacists talking with each other about topics that are relevant to us, at a time that is convenient to us, on a platform that is quick, concise, and flexible. Chat Sessions will run once a month based on popular topics, and will then occur more often based on popularity and available time, you'll find them listed here in the chat calendar.

Conferences will be a strong focus of our community, ensuring those who can't be there in person get a feeling for what's going on, and are inspired to get to the next conference. The #WePhOz hashtag will be used to collate discussions occurring during and after Australian Pharmacy Events (assuming some of us get to them!), so that those who don't make it can follow along at home or read a summary of the hot topics later.

Have quick watch of this video to learn a little more:

How it works

It's super simple - First, join the WeCommunites at http://wecommunities.org/ so you have access to the blogs and tweet chat archives summaries (not to mention, you can track your activities and interactions with other WeCommunity Members and use tweetchats for CPD via #MyWe ).

Second, Look through the blogs and the resources - there's some very useful tips and guidelines for how to utilise Social Media, and Twitter specifically, to engage with other Australian Pharmacists, Overseas Pharmacists, Health Professionals, and interested individuals. It's all about making your professional world more close-knit.

Third, ready your calendar. Have a look at the Chat Calendar, and pick out the topics you are interested in. Clearly you'll want to take note of every #WePhOz chat, but look further afield. The #WePh pharmacist chats are enlightening to get an idea of practice issues oversease. The #WeNurses and #WeDocs chats are often very relevant to pharmacists, and many of the other chat types (including the newly launched #WeFinance community) will expand your horizons in the areas of health management and integration.

Our First Chat Event

The first #WePhoz tweetchat will be on 10th February at 9pm (AEDT) and we'll start the ball rolling with:

"Getting Connected - Social media for pharmacists"

All our #WePHoz tweetchats will have prechat information posted in advance, here's the details for our very exciting first chat.

The Usual Suspects - The #WePhOz team

@WePharmerOZ is brought to you via a small and varied team of volunteers, namely:

Jarrod McMaugh MPS - @pharmerfour
Sam Turner - @sdturner7
Kenny Lee - @kennypharmphd

You can read a little more about us and the other 100 plus volunteers that bring the WeCommunities to life here

We can't wait to connect with you and remember, we are on hand to help either learn to tweet or share chat ideas with you.


Please feel free to post in to this blog; you'll need to be logged in via twitter from the top right of the menu to post.
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10 February 2016 13:06
That was fun! A bit exhausting, but fun. Can't wait until we run our next one
21 January 2016 19:46
Welcome to the team! Looking forward to working with you and hearing about pharmacy from the other side of the world.
20 January 2016 20:05
Looking forward to launching soon - hopefully this is the first step to other international accounts too!

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