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Thursday 13th August 2015 by @AgencyNurse

By Vanessa Garrity and Teresa Chinn

Something that has been suggested time and time again is that “We” hold a conference and“We” have to admit to burying our heads in the sand a little… ‘We’ have always agreed that it would be a great idea to get lots of Twitter people together offline, but we just couldn’t see how we could find the resources to pull it off.  Then, two of the “We” team – Vanessa Garrity (@VanessaLGarrity) from @WeMHNurses and Teresa Chinn (@AgencyNurse) from @WeNurses got talking and started to think a little differently about the way we put on an event within healthcare … and we got a little excited!

  • What if we held an event where we turned everything upside down?
  • What if we asked each speaker to only speak for 5 minutes and pose a question?
  • What if the audience then shared their thoughts and expertise around that question?
  • What if we use Twitter, Periscope, blogs and pictures to not only take the inside of the conference out, but bring the outside in?
  • What if we only started with a date and a theme?
  • What if we started with no resources, no venue, no speakers and no money?

Can we crowd source a whole conference?

Well here we are, asking for your help to build a conference from scratch so we are going to give it a really good go!

The big date is 29th February 2016 (yes, it’s a leap year, which seems a bit of a handy metaphor for our challenge) Put it into your diaries now … yes right now!

The theme is 5 Years Forward – Where can we take social media and healthcare?

Let the planning commence

We need to get planning, as believe it or not February willbe here in the blink of an eye …. So, on  Tuesday 8th September at 8pm we will be holding an “Event Planning” tweet chat using #WeNurses where we will be asking some important questions and finding out who you think should speak and how we can start to make this a reality.  

Until then we need to rally the troops and we could do with your help to share this blog far and wide. Experience tells us that we will need a few things to make our idea, a reality. So here is our shopping list (we are aiming to host 100 delegates for a day) Feel free to suggest anything else that might help us make this a magnificent #WeGetTogether:

  • A venue
  • A host
  • Speakers
  • Graphic Facilitator
  • Coffee & Cake
  • Lunch
  • Digital equipment
  • ‘We’ Helpers for on the day
  • Delegate packs and badges
  • Goody Bag contents
  • Sponsorship for Venue costs etc

Have we missed anything off? Can you help? Do you know someone who can help? Do you know someone who might help? If you do then please use the comment box below (you have to sign in with Twitter top right), Tweet us, DM us, email us (, Skype us, Facebook message us, draw us a picture, send us a carrier pigeon, post us a letter or even just pop over for tea and a chat.  It would be great to make this a reality and get some of you wonderful people together in reality to exchange ideas and thoughts.

And of course...SAVE THE DATE Add to Calendar 29-02-2016 10:00:00 29-02-2016 16:00:00 36 Save the date for #WeGetTogether


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Many thanks in advance for all of your help.


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16 October 2015 19:09
I would love to come to this and gives views from a student nurse point of view
24 September 2015 22:21
This is a fantastic idea, i get so much outbid engaging with the 'We' community, will be great to meet people in person too. Some fab ideas discussed in the chat, I look forward to seeing how it develops :)
18 August 2015 04:10
so as to be useful......Maria 07710053783!
18 August 2015 04:07
As a recently named passionately deluded nurse focused on community engagement happy to help wherever you like. With same budget as you I held community event last 2 years with attendance of 15000 plus being the result which won me awards for engagement & inspiring action too. Happy to help in any area. I have previously done branding and promo stuff too for nursing in all different projects undertaken. I believe it was wenurses who had the twitter xmas ones too?! I will start looking for scissors then as unfortunately it is the red tape that creates biggest hurdles!
14 August 2015 15:34
Patients have always been welcome and key to the open learning experienced within our tweeting communities, we would of course love for this to also be reflected in #WeGetTogther, thanks for giving us the opportunity to clarify that @sm_Partnership
14 August 2015 15:10
What if patients wanted to come along too?

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