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Monday 23rd May 2016 by @NRCUK

"Here are some people we think you might like to follow..." says Twitter

That's great thanks Twitter, but if I want to use Twitter to connect professionally I may need a slightly more intelligent list of people to follow! (Don't tell anyone but I don't even know who Michelle Keegan is.)

In this 2nd MyWe How To Blog (see the 1st one here on badges) we look at using the "Suggested Follows" section.

Following people is important, if you don't follow people then you won't see any tweets, so you won't see the value Twitter offers very well. 

But how do you find and follow people that will fill your Twitter stream with relevant tweets? Tweets that will make you think about how you practice, broaden your role interest, expand your knowledge, find out about latest practice and policy...this isn't something Twitter is fab at to be honest, although it does try and work it out if you visit Twitter.com, you'll find Twitter's suggestions in the top right hand corner. 

MyWe uses a slightly more community focused approach on helping you follow people that will add value to your Twitter stream, additionally supporting your community too! Simply put MyWe looks at who is using the WeCommunities #'s, who follow's who, their activity and filters them to help you follow relevant peers. Let's explore the suggestions one-by-one:


These community members have recently joined twitter and have joined your community. To help them see the benefit of being on Twitter and in the tweeting healthcare community, it would be lovely to follow a few tweeting newbies . Many folks join Twitter but don't see the point after a while, that's a real shame isn't it. Do follow some newbies, maybe send them a tweet or two to see how they are getting on? Do you remember the light bulb moment you realised Twitter was about people just like you...


These tweeters have been around a while but don't have many followers yet, we wouldn't want them to think there's no point being here would we, so maybe them getting a few followers might help them engage a little more and see the value, who knows you could end up being best buddies in no time! Once again don't just follow them, do say hi, find out a little about them and introduce them to some people you enjoy following too.


So you have followed a few newbies and helped a few of your community rediscover the value of being here, that's great! But what about all those great tweets you are after?
These suggested follows from your community members have had their tweets re-tweeted quite a lot, we feel this means that they probably talk a bit of sense and your other community members quite like what they say too. Following them might be a good way to hear what they have to say first hand and allow you to engage with them as well. If you wanted to get on the popular list, not necessarily and importing thing or representation of value, try using the MyWe badges process explained in the previous How To MyWe here.

We are just working on getting the "Location" part of the suggested follows fully up to speed, we hope this will help you find, follow and engage with tweeters both near and far, aiming for this to help you make local connections as well as see how things are done far away from your practice.

Our final MyWe How To will be looking at using MyWe and tweetchats for CPD...


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