Tweet Chats made simple...

Friday 26th October 2012 by @WeNurses

Tweet chats made simple...

by @WeNurses


If you are new to Twitter or haven't joined a tweet chat before we have made it nice and simple for you, we hope you find the following guide and tips useful!

Twitter chats are often regular chats that take place at a specific time around a predetermined subject and use a hashtag (#) as a flag that binds a conversation (sometimes they are not planned too), they are an excellent way to use the Twitter professionally to discuss topics with peers (and often beyond piers).

On we support several chats for nurses from @WeNurses @MHnurseChatt @LDNurseChat and beyond nursing via @WeParamedics @WeMidwives & @WePharmacists too (connecting via twitter is a great for a multi-disciplined approach to providing healthcare).

There are some very simple steps to joining in a Twitter chat:

•  Be on Twitter! (Register here )

•  Keep an eye out for when Twitter chats are on by following the hosts on twitter or use the WeNurses chat calendar

•  Use Chat Now from the menu above– we have integrated several tweet chats into our web site so it's easy to follow the hashtag driven chats (It's a bit clunky if you are using a phone so try and jump on a computer if you can). Here's how to Tweet chat on ...

*when you reply twitter doesn't add the hashtag, so don't forget to add it yourself or it won't appear in the chat.

Some top tips for twitter chatting are:

• Twitter controls the speed of the stream of tweets so it can be a little slow at first for your tweet to appear.

• Watch the chat first to get the vibe (Or take a look at some previous chats here)

•  Don't panic! Some chats are very fast but you don't have to read it all or interact with everyone, just stick to one part of the chat that interests you. You can always re-read the whole chat later

•  Catch ups aren't just for those who missed the chat – take some time to read the summary and transcript of the chat afterwards – you will be amazed at what you missed.

•  ENJOY !! It isn't an exam – it's a chat!! Have fun and enjoy sharing.


Additionally these three links may help:


NMC guidelines for social media
Netiquette – conduct during tweet chats

CPD – using tweet chats for CPD


Please feel free to post in to this blog; you'll need to be logged in via twitter from the top right of the menu to post.
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17 November 2015 13:02
Very handy. Especially for running my first tweet chat

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