#AHPsDay Let's Celebrate Together

Wednesday 29th August 2018 by @DeborahBActive

Monday 15th October marks the first national AHPs Day, a day to both celebrate and to shout out about the major contribution our collective professionals make to patient care and improving the quality of people’s lives.

When it was announced, my physiotherapy colleagues and I were quick to team up with the other AHPs in our Trust to ensure the day didn’t pass without us marking it.  If there’s one thing AHPs are not short of its creative ideas and we soon came up with a list (a very long list) of possibilities!

We agreed to put together three main activities: one which was patient focused, one for staff and one which would enable us to demonstrate how AHPs transform the lives of patients and communities.  Firstly, we’ll be offering health and wellbeing chats to patients on elective surgery wards, to support them in making positive healthy lifestyle choices and we’ll follow these up with signposting to local community support services.  

Secondly, we’ll be holding a ‘Hello my name is…’ type networking event to get to know each other.  I’m sure it’s the same everywhere, but for me working in outpatients, my path rarely crosses those of other AHPs in my workplace, so this will be a great opportunity to put names to faces. Within this event we’ll be hosting a ‘Sharing Good Practice’ poster session and we’re really encouraging novice presenters to step forward and get involved.  We’ll also be running a Twitter workshop, so we can continue to stay connected, support one another and collectively benefit from the CPD opportunities this platform offers.

Lastly, we’ll be putting together a range of videos and other media items which will be posted on the Trust’s social media platforms on the day to give a flavour of the diversity of our roles and to show how we impact on our patient’s lives!

So, if you haven’t started planning yet, there’s still plenty of time to get involved.  Please do join in on Twitter throughout the 15th October using the hashtag #AHPsDay - and let’s all get better connected! 


Deborah Bancroft

Advanced Physiotherapy Practitioner

Bury and Rochdale Care Organisation (Northern Care Alliance Group)


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