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Friday 31st August 2018 by @jkfillingham

Your invitation to join us on 15th October for #AHPsDay :

  • Watch and engage in our virtual presentation at 10am via @WeAHPs periscope.

  • Launch of ‘AHP’s: improving practice and delivering solutions’ case study collection.

The Allied Health Professions (AHP) team at NHS Improvement have been overwhelmed with the requests to join celebrations across England for AHP’s Day. Unfortunately, we cannot be everywhere on the same day so have decided to live stream for everyone to access. Our aim is to enable AHPs nationally to engage with the team as part of their local celebrations and in pursuit of promoting the value of AHPs in the delivery of high quality care within their trusts/STP footprints. So, with the support of @WeAHPs we are going to periscope a presentation from the team at 10am which will last approx. 45 mins and then take any questions which have been posted via twitter.

On the day, we will also be launching our ‘AHP’s: improving practice and delivering solutions’ case study collection. The aim is to provide a sustainable mechanism of spread and sustainability of good practice and further demonstrate the transformative potential of AHPs across the health and wider system. Some of you will have heard about our ambition to publish 70 AHP case studies for NHS 70. This is the start of that ambition. It is a work in progress and we would welcome submissions to the repository to offer the opportunity of sharing your improvement journey and/or best practice. Details about how to do this will be shared on the day.

Don’t forget, on the same day a NICE into Action webinar on the role of NICE quality standards will be taking place at 12.30 – 1.15pm. You can find further information on how to register and view this webinar here - http://www.workcast.com/register?cpak=9826146426755126

So, please do join myself and the team. We look forward to celebrating with you on the 15th October.

Joanne Fillingham- Clinical Director Allied Health Professions (AHPs) | Deputy Chief Allied Health Professions Officer | @jkfillingham

Steph Gates- PA/ Business Support Officer Allied Health Professions (AHPs) | @BeesKneesAHPs

Helen Brooks- Allied Health Professions Workforce Improvement Lead | @hbrooksNHSI

Caroline Poole- Deputy Clinical Director and Professional Head of Allied Health Professions (AHPs)| @CarolineNhs

Glenn Westrop- AHP Clinical Fellow: Mental Health |@glenn_westrop

Stuart Palma- Professional Head of Allied Health Professions (AHPs)|@SP_Physio

Rosalind Campbell- AHP professional lead, workforce productivity |@Roz_L_Campbell


We will be joining the conversation on twitter via #AHPsDay and taking any questions between 10-11am during the live stream.


Live Stream Access

There are three ways you can access and watch the live stream session:

1) Directly from Twitter

  • Ensure you are following @WeAHPs
  • Look for a tweet that includes a video just before 10am from @WeAHPs using #AHPsDay - we will make clear that it is the live stream of the AHP team @NHSImprovement in the tweet.
  • Click the play symbol in the centre of the video to watch it directly from Twitter (it can take a few seconds to load).
  • In the top right, you also have the option to open and watch the video in Periscope - hover over an then click on the white and red teardrop shaped symbol

2) Watching in Periscope

Watching the video directly from Periscope means you can comment directly on the video while watching. It can also be easier to find videos if you are not watching them live.

  • Download the Periscope app (it's free) or from your normal app store.
  • Search for and follow WeAHPs.
  • If you are watching live, open the Periscope app just before the time of the presentation you wish to view (see below).
  • Tap on the TV icon at the bottom left of the screen. Live broadcasts will appear at the top and recent broadcasts underneath.
  • Tap on the broadcast you want to watch and tap the play symbol.

3) From a Desktop/Browser

  • Go to https://www.pscp.tv/WeAHPs/1RDxlWVlQQkJL
  • Scroll down to find the broadcast you want to watch. Any live will be right at the top. Click on the link and then press play on the centre of the video.




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