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Tuesday 9th October 2018 by @NatMatchOT

Here at the University Hospitals of Derby and Burton NHS Foundation Trust (UHDB) our wonderful AHPs are hosting a variety of events throughout the first ever National AHP day! In line with our AHP Strategy Launch lead by our AHP Director Penny Owens, invitations have been issued to all our Trust Board members, Trust Governors and Divisional Nurses and Deputies to join us in celebrating National AHP Day on Monday 15th October.

We were so excited to have this chance to celebrate and showcase the many fantastic contributions our AHP professions and services make to providing essential patient centred, integrated and passionate care. Our organised events (and there was many ideas and joined up colloborative thinking across our 5 Hospital sites, local HEI establishments and from Staff and Students alike!) are hoped to enable us to demonstrate the major collective impact and contribution AHPs have in transforming and changing the lives of the health and well-being of our patients and communities we serve for the better! We really are #strongertogether, #alliedforareason, #AwesomeAHPs and #powerof14!

Our events include:

  • Each AHP profession will hold a stall with display stands to showcase what they do, how they train, how they work with other profession and how they have extended their scope
  • A brief presentation from each profession to encapsulate the above. This is our opportunity to show what we contribute and proudly sell our professions to the senior Trust Leads
  • We have our Communications Team on board and will be taking over the Trust twitter account and asking each profession to talk about what their role entails and the benefits they bring to patient care. Also coordinating with Comms to ensure there is something happening in conjunction with the Press including local radio in regard to the event and with the Universities.
  • Have a bespoke designed AHP Day Computer screensaver for the day
  • We are holding an ‘AHP Great British Bake Off!’ - at least one cake from each profession that is around the AHP logo – we will Tweet the winner!
  • Holding a 'Hello my name is...' showcasing type event to take a 'selfie' and this is to be used as a feature on social media for the national AHP day so we can get to know each other as well as the wider public and none AHP profesisons too!
  • Ensuring that we have AHP Return to Practice (RtP) and Earn as you learn initiatives (Assistant Practitioners) plus advent of Apprenticeships as one of the themes plus info for the public on how to access these.
  • Students – the Practice Learning Support Unit in collaboration with the University of Derby are hosting an interprofessional session for our student workforce throughout the morning! We are planning to have a group of AHP students following a patient’s journey where they get to learn about each other roles along the patient’s pathway. A student Radiographer, ODP, OT and a Physio student will get to learn, work and shadow each other and we will be Tweeting their reflections through the day!
  • We have also offered that Senior Trust Leads can shadow an AHP.

We can’t wait to share with you all and put on an amazing show! We have publicised this amongst our own teams to encourage as much involvement as possible as want this event to be fun, informative and proudly loud!! Please follow or search for @UHDBTrust #UHDBsAHPs for further details.

With special Thanks to Grace Pearn (Therapy Manager) and her small but very efficient team of AHPs that lead and co-ordinated many of the events for the day. An extended thanks to to all our academic partners, colleagues and friends at the University of Derby for their ideas, input and colloboration efforts to support UHDB with the events.

Natalie Matchett

AHP Practice Placement Coordinator

University Hospitals of Derby and Burton NHS Foundation Trust



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