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Today we have reached the 7000 follower stage which is a massive achievement for us as it is 1% of the UK nursing population. Ok so there are a few followers who may not be nurses amongst the 7000 but from the very beginning I have always maintained that everyone is welcome at WeNurses – student nurses, CNOs, service users, carers, relatives and other healthcare professionals …. Everyone adds value and we can all learn from each other.

When I started using social media as a nurse I was just one tweeting nurse looking for another nurse to chat with, being an agency nurse I had found myself becoming increasingly isolated from the nursing profession and so I reached out over Twitter. In my first ever blog (way back in 2010) I asked:
“ Is there anyone out there that who wants to discuss current nursing events and articles? Problems they are experiencing? Or share things that are working? Is there anyone that wants to share information on interesting and good value study days? Is there anyone out there who is like me? Is there anybody out there …“
Today I find myself surrounded and supported by nurses like me: passionate, caring, compassionate, and proud nurses. The #NurseCommunity is one which can laugh together, cry together and most of all move forward together.

My aim when I started tweetchats was to hold a conversation with just one other nurse because even a conversation between just two nurses is a valuable conversation and can have a positive impact on the way we care. This is something I still believe in and is my biggest measure – the individual nurses and the difference that can be made. I love hearing stories of how something a nurse has learnt on twitter impacted their practice. I love to see the community coming together to answer each other questions and problems. Most of all I love the nursing pride that shines through in every tweet.

7000 nurses is some achievement – well done #nursecommunity … do a little dance, have an extra slice of cake or just have a smile and think to yourself “I am part of that” (I will be doing all three!)



Now a little treat for those of you who like big numbers...
(As of today Wednesday 19th June 2013)

WeNurse has 7000 followers

WeNurses largest Twitter chat held on International Nurses Day had 151 participants and made over 1.5 million impressions

The WeNurses web site gets between 800 & 1500 visits per day

WeNurses has held 48 chats in total (but housed and archived 3 times that)

The total impressions made for #WeNurses since it was launched on 4 th July 2012 is over 100,000,000

The total number of tweets sent containing #WeNurses is 37,147

WeNurses receives an average of 4 tweets per hour – every hour!

And 138 #LittleChirps have been rehoused helping to spread the value of being a tweeting nurse


So....Keep tweeting #NurseCommunity ... you are doing a great job!




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