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Traditionally the sharing of knowledge and support is generally squeezed into a health care professionals (HCP) busy working day and, for some HCPs , this does not happen at all. Using Twitter can provide knowledge and support for HCPs quickly as it connects real nurses in any geographical location, allows them to ask for help and be signposted to it. Twitter offers a wealth of knowledge, support and exploration opportunities for HCPs, through the use of one of our biggest resources – each other. This thriving HCP community, which is growing all the time, gives HCPs access to like-minded professionals to share knowledge and explore ideas. The Twitterversity gives you a little support to get up and running to ensure you get the best from Twitter, without simply "missing the point".
Twitterversity has been designed to ease you in gently and break down the levels of complexity into simple steps allowing you to get the most from Twitter at a speed that suits you. 
We have broken down the guide in to three groups, master each one before moving on and graduation from Twitterversity and join the 1000's of HCPs benefiting from connecting with each other online.

Student Tweeter

This guide is for HCPs who have never tweeted before and wish to start tweeting in a professional capacity. As with any journey in nursing you need to start as a student…

Follow these simple steps and you will soon be ready to move on to “Graduate Tweeter”.

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Graduate Tweeter

As a student tweeter you have grasped the basics, you are confident in not only how to tweet but also what you want out of twitter, and what you have to offer too, so now it's time to graduate and move onwards and upwards. There are a few more advanced skills that you may need now that you are a graduate tweeter.

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Professor Tweeter

You're connected, exploring and growing your understanding and network of fellow tweeting nurses, but it's getting a bit of a struggle to organise your twitter world!

To graduate as a tweeting professor we look at ways to stay in control, spot what you need and not get lost in all that twitter has to offer.

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