"We" share all sorts of stuff via Twitter discussions from Evidence Based Practice #EBP to tweets expressing opinions, personal experience and thoughts - practice based evidence (a concept explored by Swisher 2010. ) However the transient nature of Twitter means that all this very useful stuff is lost in the ether, which is very sad indeed. But there is good news, it's all here .. just search!


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Chats run by @WeNurses
Using: #ExpOfCare
Chat Date: Thursday 25 April 2019 @ 20:00
Topic: Coproduction - #ExpOfCare 19

Chats run by @WeNurses
Using: #ExpOfCare
Chat Date: Tuesday 23 April 2019 @ 20:00
Topic: #ExpOfCare 19 - Twitter Storm

Blog Results

Pin a tweet for #ExpOfCare 19 Week
26 April, 2019 by @WeNurses
As Expereiences Of Care Week 2019 draws to an end we want to challenge you to spread the message that experiences of care matter even further and wider and for longer ....... so here is the plan: We are asking you to pin a tweet to your profile page to show your lasting commitment to sharing and learning from eperiences of care.  Whether they be pa ...
A personal reflection - #ExpOfCare 19
23 April, 2019 by @SusanShears3
Susan Shears, Experience of Care Programme Coordinator, shares her personal relationship with care and how you can access help if you're in a similar situation. Experience of Care Week makes me realise how care is delivered by so many in so many ways, from specialist clinical care to domiciliary care as well as care provided by a loved one.  My mum ...
New guide to help services improve - #ExpOfCare 19
04 April, 2019 by @skillsforcare
Skills for Care launches new guide to help services improve Skills for Care has launched a new online guide to help social care employers to identify, plan and implement improvements across their service The ‘Guide to improvement’ offers a comprehensive toolkit to help organisations deliver high quality care and support, and meet regulatory standar ...
Let's start #ExpOfCare 19 off in style ...
20 March, 2019 by @WeNurses
Experience of Care Week (#ExpOfCare) 2019 starts on Monday 22nd April and this year we want to get celebrations off to a flying start.  On Monday we would like you to Tweet your #ExpOfCare selfie and help to spread the word that experiences of care matter.   Here's how to get involved: On the morning of Monday 22nd April take your selfie - by yours ...
#ExpOfCare 19 - What's happening!
19 March, 2019 by @WeNurses
There is lots going on during #ExpOfCare Week 2019 ..... all collated in this handy calendar.  (Keep checking in because this page will be regularly updated with more events in the lead up to #ExpOfCare Week)              All day - Let's get #ExpOfCare Week 2019 started A Twitter event to get #ExpOfCare Week 2019 off to a flying start.  Send your ...
#ExpOFCare 19
18 March, 2019 by @WeNurses
Blog post written by Susan Shears (Experience of Care Programme Coordinator NHS England)  We invite you and your teams to join us as we celebrate the work that’s happening across health and social care to keep improving experiences of care of patients, families, carers and staff. Experience of Care Week 2019 runs from Monday 22 April until Friday ...
#ExpOfCare 19 - Resources
18 March, 2019 by @WeNurses
All of the #ExpOfCare Week 2019 resources can be downloaded HERE  Happy Downloading! An example press release can be found HERE  ...

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