#WeFinance - Thursday 25th May 2017 8pm (GMT Standard Time) NHS Finance as a Great Place to Work

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This chat is guest hosted by @nhsFFF @Goals_Achieve

What makes a great place to work, and how do we make sure that finance departments within the NHS are great places to work?

To answer this question, FFF working with Goals and Achievements produced a literature review and survey of NHS finance teams. The literature review identified over 100 factors and found continuous improvement was key to creating a great workplace. However, the top 10 factors in the survey of NHS Finance teams differed from those found in the literature review.

 Our research identified the following as the key behaviours that have the biggest impact on how NHS Finance colleagues feel about their job:

Using these findings, we developed a Great Place to Work Framework – 18 tools and resources that can be used to continually improve workplaces within NHS finance. They include employee and manager questionnaires, teamwork and team performance assessments, and help on trust and communication. 

The team performance assessment, for example, asks a series of questions on areas such as clarity of goals, strength of leadership and levels of collaboration. 

The framework allows teams to measure how the finance team measures up and helps to identify where improvements can be made.

But what is the secret to a Great Place to Work? What initiatives have you implemented or what have you found when implementing the Great Place to Work Framework?

Join us for a Tweet Chat on Thursday 25th May 2017 20:00 to 21:00 toexplore the topic further and to share with your colleagues why you think that your department is a great place to work.

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