#WeNurses - Thursday 27th April 2017 8pm (GMT Standard Time) Celebrating & sharing some more good stuff

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This chat is guest hosted by @wooteachwoo @OwenBennett1

This is the third chat in our Celebrating and Sharing series with the fabulous nurses from Nottingham Hospitals. The aim is to:

  • Stop and take time to look around and recognise what has been achieved
  • Take time to share the good stuff 
  • Celebrate the amazing work that nursing teams have done
  • Seek feedback on the projects shared
  • Give opportunity to others to ask questions about the great work being done

So here are the details -

We will be sharing two 2 minute videos on Twitter around 2 more brilliant projects at Nottingham Hospitals and inviting you to give feedback, ask questions and share thoughts and ideas around the project AND, most importantly, connect you with the people who are part of the projects –a bit like a breakout session at a conference…but via Twitter.  The two subject areas we will be tackling this time are: 

Developing a culture of safety in teams  AND Let’s talk safety

For these discussions we will be joined by Nick Woodier (@wooteachwoo) and Owen Bennett (@owenbennett1) 

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