#WeNurses - Wednesday 31st May 2017 8pm (GMT Standard Time) Self Care and Student Nurses

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This chat is guest hosted by @abigailstdnurse @LukiKnowsBest

#WeStudents is back again for another night... 

For student night this month, we'll be discussing strategies to manage the stresses of being a student nurse through all years and how we can promote self-care in the middle of a course filled with assignments, clinicals, placements and exams... We're going to be asking how we can promote our own mental, emotional and physical health in a career where we promote other's mental, emotional and physical health. 

It's important that as student nurses and nurses, we develop good strategies to help in times of need, whether that's workplace debrief or self-care in our own home (or spa, if that's your choice!) From a cup of tea, to catching a movie or keeping a diary - how can we ensure that we are taking care of ourselves before we take care of others? 

Mindfulness, yoga, tea or more, join us tonight and tell us what keeps you going!

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