#AllOurHealth - Thursday 25th January 2018 8pm (GMT Standard Time) Obesity - #AllOurHealth

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Obesity is an issue that affects a significant proportion of our population across the lifecourse.  The Public Health England inforgraphic below shows the extent of obesity:

PHE (2017) state "There isn’t a single intervention that can tackle obesity on its own, at population or at an individual level. Some of the causes of the obesity epidemic are a result of unhealthy lifestyle choices, in the home and in the local and working environment. Unhealthy food and drink choices (including alcohol) are easy to access and often high-energy. However, individuals tend to be less active than they used to be"

These choices are influenced by the less than healthy defaults that exist in the places we live, work and play in.

Given that obesity is a complex issue where does that leave us as health care professionals - where do we start? Do we know the needs of individuals, communities and population and the services available? How do you feel about raising the issue of unhealthy weight in children, families and adults? What resources are available in health and wellbeing systems? And do we understand specific activities which can prevent, protect, and promote? 

This tweetchat aims to unravel how we, as healthcare professionals, can address obesity and work together to provide information, advice and support around healthy lifestyles. 

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