#AllOurHealth - Wednesday 31st January 2018 8pm (GMT Standard Time) Antimicrobial Resistance - #AllOurHealth

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Antimicrobial resistance is a global concern " Infections that cannot be treated continue to develop. The rapid spread of multi drug resistant organisms means that we can prevent or treat everyday infections or diseases with antibiotics. Many existing antimicrobials are becoming less effective as bacteria, viruses and fungi are adapting and becoming resistant to medicines. Inappropriate use of these valuable medicines has also added to the problem. Without effective antibiotics, even minor surgery and routine operations could become high risk procedures if serious infections can’t be treated." (PHE 2017)

With this in mind it is clear that antimicrobial resistance is something that we all need to be concerned about,  but how do we spread the word? How do we support our colleagues, the people we care for and the wider public to change attitudes to ensure we make evidence based decisions about antibiotic use? From young children to and everyone else in between how do we:

  • educate the public that flu and colds are caused by viruses and cannot be treated by antibiotics
  • involve and educate individuals, families or carers in the risks associated with AMR
  • ensure antibiotics are only used when clinically 
  • make it personal for each individual
  • ensure people take and not share with others personally prescribed antibiotics or other medication as directed
  • building trust in GPs nurses and other prescribers; knowing when antibiotics are appropriate and urging parents not to ask for them
  • ensure our own professional attitudes and behaviours are condusive to overcoming these challenges
  • inform people not to flush antibiotics and other medicines down the toilet / drain but to take unused medicines back to the pharmacy
  • help people protect themselves and prevent infections developing in the first place

(PHE 2017)

This #AllOurHealth discussion aims to explore how we as healthcare professionals can change attitudes towards antibiotic use, the importance of this and what challenges this presents and how to overcome them.  

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