#WeNurses - Tuesday 27th February 2018 8pm (GMT Standard Time) Essential skills for network leadership

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This chat is guest hosted by @LizMaddocks

Networks are growing in number and importance within health and care globally, and will play a vital part in helping the NHS to meet the challenges it faces in coming years.

As part of a series profiling networks in the field of health and care, capturing their impact and value , NHS England’s Sustainable Improvement team are developing a series of case studies based on the experiences of a rich mix of system leaders from a wide range of sectors all committed to and involved in providing health and care services.

The stories are based on the Most Significant Change methodology (Dart and Davies 2003).This is a qualitative evaluation method that involves the collection and systematic selection of stories of significant change from the field, and an exploration of the significance of the change they represent. They will give you a quick and personal insight into networks’ stories and key learning points.

This tweet chat will feature three case studies developed so far and the case study holders will take a lead role in the twitter  chat, sharing their learning responding to question and engaging in conversation with other participants  taking part in the twitter  chat


Questions that will be considered include:

  • What skills are needed to effectively lead networks in today’s health and care system?
  • What makes networks thrive as active communities?
  • How do you really build collaboration, relationship and strong levels of trust and engagement between your network members?
  • How do you inspire others to take on leadership of their own networks?
  • How do you demonstrate value and impact in your network?

To inform your thinking on the subject, read through some of the resources on Source4Networks – a brand new evidence-based platform for network leaders:



About our guest host

Liz Maddocks-Brown is currently Senior Manager –Networks and Faculty in the Sustainable Improvement team at NHS England.

Liz has over 30 years’ experience in the public and commercial sector, as a senior manager specialising in business management, organisational change, innovation and improvement learning and development. Over the last 23 years, her career in the NHS has focused on leading major organisational change at national, regional and local level, both in provider and commissioning organisations. Working in the Sustainable Improvement Team, NHS England, her current portfolio consists of faculty and network development, accelerated large and small scale event facilitation, OD consulting, capability building design and delivery, leadership and board development, executive coaching and action learning for senior leaders.

Liz has a passion for organisational development approaches that support the creation of healthy and high performing organisations. Throughout her career she has been highly concerned with the “people aspects” and cultural elements of organisations, as they impact on the achievement of health and wellbeing and sustainable performance improvement.

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