#WeLDNs - Tuesday 20th February 2018 8:30pm (GMT Standard Time) Benefits of Social Media in Nurse Education

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Technology, for students now means connectivity and communication with significant others is now at the touch of the ‘send’ button. In the 21st century the number of patients and nurses engaging in social media increases by the day. Nurses play a significant role in identification, interpretation, and transmission of knowledge and information within healthcare. Social media is a platform that can assist nurse education in helping students gain greater understanding of and/or skills in professional communication; health policy; patient privacy and ethics; and writing competencies Schmitt et al (2012). 

That said, there are barriers to integration of social media within nursing education Tuominen et al (2014). Teaching/learning in front of a screen might mean professionalism in nurse education may run the risk of being brought into question when the code of conduct is sometimes breached. 

There are a number of different ways that social media and technology is being used in delivering and facilitating education, both within the classroom and out. The importance for the success of this is that it both meets the needs of the education being delivered and the needs of the learner. 

This chat will be all about discussing and exploring the views of nurse educators who may be using or considering social media tools, students who use social media and what they feel are advantages and disadvantages of using SoME, the nursing workforce in where they see the benefits and challenges of this type of learning and finally anyone else with an interest in the education and development of nurses. 

Join the chat on the 20th February to share your thoughts and ideas! 

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