#WeNurses - Thursday 31st May 2018 8pm (GMT Standard Time) Protected mealtimes

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During a recent #WeNurses Tweetchat on "The role of carers" the subject of protected mealtimes was raised by some of the participants:

So we thought it would be a great idea to explore this topic in it's own tweetchat:

Protected mealtimes can be described as an initiative to "allow patients to eat their meals without unnecessary interruption, and to enable nursing stuff to provide assistance to those patients unable to eat independently." (NSPA 2004) This makes mealtimes important with the idea that nurses can focus on helping those who need assistance and mealtimes can enjoyable for the people we care for.  This all sounds good in theory ... but what is the reality ? How can we ensure that protected mealtimes work ?  

This #WeNurses discussion aims to explore the following questions:

  • What do we mean by protected mealtimes?
  • What is the evidence behind protected mealtimes?
  • Do protected mealtimes get lost in translation? If so how do we overcome this? 
  • What works well when implementing protected mealtimes?
  • What doesn't work well re protected mealtimes? 
  • What other things can we consider when exploring how we can ensure all patients have adequate nutrition and hydration when in hospital? 

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