#WeNurses - Thursday 6th September 2018 8pm (GMT Standard Time) The importance of "Hello my name is"

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#HelloMyNameIs - a Twitter campaign started by the amazing Dr Kate Granger, who sadly died in 2016.  Kate was a doctor but also a terminally ill cancer patient who (in Kates own words) "made the stark observation that many staff looking after me did not introduce themselves before delivering my care. It felt incredibly wrong that such a basic step in communication was missing."

The #HelloMyNameIs campaign has grown and grown raising awareness amongst healthcare professionals of the importance of an introduction. Chris Pointon (Kate's husband and co-founder of the #HelloMyNameIs campaign) explains more in the TED talk linked below:

At the heart of #HelloMyNameIs is the simple message that an introduction is the start of a therapeutic relationship and the core values that underpin that are - Communication - The little things - Patients at the heart of all decisions - See me.


This #WeNurses discussion will be divided into four parts to explore each of these core values in turn:

1 - How can we ensure timely and effective communication which is bespoke to the people we care for? 

2 - What are "The little things"? And how can we ensure the little things are not missed? 

3 - How do we ensure there is "no decision about me without me"?

4 - How do we make sure we see the person before the disease or bed number? 


To find out more about the #HelloMyNameIs campaign please visit their website HERE 

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