#stomanursesaddingvalue - Wednesday 29th May 2019 8pm (GMT Standard Time) Coproduction & what matters to me

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This chat is guest hosted by @StomaCareVision

Co-production and ‘what matters to me’ are key initiatives from NHS England to change the ‘them and us’ dynamic in health and social care,coaching and empowering patients to become the experts in the management of their longterm condition and also using their insights and expertise to redesign services.

In this tweet chat we will be exploring how, as Stoma CareNurses, we empower ostomates within this framework to facilitate not only their own stoma management and quality of life with a stoma, but also inform the care and follow up services that we deliver.


Here are some links to background information that you may wish to take a look at:

Patients as Partners – The Kings Fund 

Good care needs to be a coproduction – Martin McShane NHS England 

Joining up ‘co-production’ and ‘patient leadership’ for a new relationship with people who use services – David McNally NHS England 

Always Events – NHS England

A co-production model – Coalition For Collaborative care

Experts of experience – Louise Watson NHS England

We will be exploring the following questions during the tweetchat:

  1. In reality, few Stoma Care Nurses have or have had a stoma. How can/do we learn from the lived experience of ostomates and how do we ensure other ostomates can learn from this experience?
  2. Promoting independence not dependancies the aim of our services and in reality it can be a difficult balance to find. What strategies or services do you use which enable your patients to be as independent as they can be?
  3. Thinking of ‘patients as partners’ changes the dynamic and traditional model of service design and delivery. How might we adopt this mindset within stoma care? 
  4. ‘What Matters to Me?” Means that services need to be responsive and flexible - if we consider younger ostomates and their different expectations about how care, information and support will be available to them, How do we signpost ostomates to the resources they want at the right time? 

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