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As a follow up to our 11/7/19 tweet chat on e-health apps discussions now progress to e-health tools you may already be seeing more commonly in daily practice. 

Fit bit, Alexa, Ipads, Medication Alarm prompts and more … Do you use these in your practice? Can you see the potential? Perhaps you are already an e-health nurse well on your way to meeting NHS long term digital health goals and hadn’t realised quite how much you are doing! Alternatively, you may be an e-health expert and have some great tips to share. 

How can we use e- health tools to enhance patient’s quality of life?

What tools, if any are you currently seeing in practice?

What are the barriers to access? Funding? IT Skills? Other?

Do you feel it is important to adopt and learn new e-health skills?

Does your employer/trust advocate or support e-health tools and CPD?

Would you like to see a platform highlighting what e-health tools and apps are being used by nurses and HPs in practice, not just for patients but for your own role?

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05 September 2019 20:02
@WeNurses Hello! #wenurses and #nursesactive - don’t forget the S!
05 September 2019 20:03
hello Jackie ... don't worry about the #WeNurses tonight .. we are just using #NursesActive to keep it simple :D https://twitter.com/JackieSmith_nmc/status/1169687162092171268
05 September 2019 20:04
@WeNurses Hello #WeNurses #NursesActive
05 September 2019 20:22
RT @WeNurses: We have a spare #WeNurses tweetchat slot next Thursday.... so we asked for suggestions for topics ... we have three topics fo…
05 September 2019 20:29
@WeNurses Partly a cumulative snowball effect... more followers/participants get gathered in each year and the ones that were already doing it just keep going!!! #NursesActive #WeNurses https://t.co/S7sSw0tHl7
05 September 2019 20:37
Giving and receiving constructive feedback is so important. Do you think we do this enough? #Leadership #StNProject #WeNurses #NurseTwitter #Nursing #ThursdayMotivation https://t.co/pRO31M3Ney
05 September 2019 20:39
@AgencyNurse Well maybe a way for people to purchase their own? Is the logo freely available for people to make their own? ?? #WeNurses
05 September 2019 20:51
@WeNurses Years of you (and all) building momentum, so that now it becomes part of everyone’s August mentality #Nursesactive #wenurses
05 September 2019 20:58
#NHS staff are being encouraged to apply to be one of 10 NHS App Ambassadors "...to front our campaign promoting the app to NHS staff and patients" https://digital.nhs.uk/services/nhs-app/become-an-nhs-app-ambassador #weph #wenurses #midwives
05 September 2019 21:00
That's all for tonight ..... next weeks #WeNurses tweetchat topic is yet to be decided .... please vote for which topic you would prefer: #NursesActive https://twitter.com/WeNurses/status/1169600708036968449


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