#WeNurses - Thursday 29th August 2019 8pm (GMT Standard Time) Hospital visiting

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This chat is guest hosted by @NursingConvos @receivingconsnt

This tweetchat is based on the Nursing Conversations Conversation Starter "Can we be flexible with hospital visiting?" written by Emma Heron - which you can read HERE

Some of the questions we will be exploring during this tweetchat are:

  • Visitors to hospitals are subject to different rules; some hospitals even having completely different visiting hours across their departments and wards.   Do we ensure visitors are aware of the expectations we have?
  • How do we ensure the privacy of other patients on the ward, as per the NMC Code of Conduct (Standard 5), when visitors are present?
  • How do we support those patients who do not receive visitors either because they do not have anyone able to physically visit them or because a ward is closed due to infection?
  • Rigid visiting schedules have various rationales behind them, but as a rule children wards seem to be more flexible and open. Are there lessons that can be learned from this model that can be taken through into an adult ward?
  • As nurses, how do we balance the needs of patients to see their family member/ visitors with the needs of those visitors and also, the needs of the ward e.g. intimate care/ examinations where it is not always appropriate for visitors to be present?

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