#1professionalvoice - Thursday 22nd October 2020 8pm (GMT Standard Time) Shared professional decision-making

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A key priority in the vision of the Chief Nursing Officer forEngland is for all nursing, midwifery and care staff to come together with One Collective Voice. The critical role the professions have played during the COVID19 pandemic highlights the importance of this now, more than ever. 

During recent challenging times approaches such as shared professional decision-making have been recognised as supporting the nursing and midwifery contribution to ensuring the continued deliver of high-quality care. Ensuring that the professions’ knowledgeable and collective voice continues to be heard and their influence remains crucial in driving positive change and learning as we move forward.  


What do we mean by Shared Professional Decision-Making?

Shared professional decision-making is a modern approach to leadership - by coming together in a non-hierarchical way this approach ensures everyone’s voice is valued no matter where you work, or what role you have. Models such as this empower staff to identify and take action, to make changes across health and care that benefit those we care for and those we work with. This collective leadership approach ensures the professions are always heard and valued in all decision-making conversations.

Joinus to hear from colleagues at Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust who have started to embed shared professional decision-making into their practice to support their patients, families and staff during the pandemic and restoration work. They will share their advice, tips and encouragement in how collective leadership can be fundamental to a new way of working and how everyone can influence a situation and outcomes. They will also share some of the challenges they have overcome and how working this way has had a positive impact upon the quality of care provided as well as increasing staff satisfaction.

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Background reading

Watch this short film to hear from Ruth May, Chief Nursing Officer for England and learn more about shared professional decision-making and the CNO’s Shared Governance: Collective Leadership Programme



You can visit the website to learn more about how shared professional decision-making helps position nursing and midwifery leadership across health and care, and access resources to support you to consider this approach within your own organisation.

The newly developing Nursing and Midwifery COVID-19 Catalogue of Change also includes examples from nurses and midwives from across England who have embraced shared professional  decision-making approaches during the pandemic to support new ways of working.  

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