#WeNurses - Thursday 11th June 2020 8:30pm (GMT Standard Time) Difficult conversations

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What makes conversations difficult? For many healthcare professionals it's conversations about dying and death but what about the newly diagnosed diabetic who was afraid of hospitals, and very afraid of needles or how about enabling conversations with loved ones over video calls during the Covid19 pandemic or perhaps supporting colleagues in time of need? Difficult conversations can come in all shapes and sizes. 

Do we always apply the same amount of gravitas to different types of difficult conversations and do we recognise them as such? How well do we, as nurses, prepare to do it? And how often do we reflect on and acknowledge the impact the difficult conversations we have? 

As nurses we often come across ethical problems or have to tell people news that they will see as unwelcome or work to facilitate conversations in difficult times.  Interacting with positive effect with those in our care is important to the wellbeing of all... so how do we do it well ? 

Here are the questions we will be asking during this tweetchat:

  • What is a "difficult conversation"? Do you have any examples? 
  • What can we do to prepare for difficult conversations? Can we prepare?
  • Do we recognise the impact of difficult conversations? 
  • Has the Covid19 pandemic brought with it a new type of difficult conversation? 
  • How can we ensure that we interact with a positive effect during a difficult conversations and be mindful of the wellbeing of all involved?  

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