#WeNurses - Thursday 18th June 2020 8:30pm (GMT Standard Time) Online identities

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How we portray ourselves online is becoming more and more important as we spend increasing amounts of time online engaging with others in spaces where we are on view to the world. During the Covid19 pandemic this has become all the more apparent with nurses (and indeed the wider public) taking to social media to connect with the wider world.  Whilst most nurses connect and share online in responsible and professional ways there are those who do not and recent unprofessional TikTok videos shared by nurses have highlighted the need to remind all nurses that social media is a public space and professionalism is something that we always need to bear in mind.  The NMC social media guidance is clear on what is expected of nurses who use social media:

This #WeNurses chat sets out to explore our nursing online identities:

  • Why is it important to consider out online identities?
  • How can we, as nurses, protect our online identities whilst continue to be ourselves in social media spaces? 
  • How can we ensure that nursing as a profession comes across well in social media? 
  • What constitutes unprofessional behaviour for nurses using social media? 
  • What should we do if we feel that another nurse has crossed the unprofessional line on social media? 
  • If social media can highlight and shine a spotlight on unprofessional behaviour in nursing is social media worth the risk for nurses? (please explain why) 

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