#WeNurses - Thursday 16th July 2020 8pm (GMT Standard Time) Debriefing and Covid19

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This chat is guest hosted by @JulesLewis6

As we move into another phase of the Covid19 pandemic thoughts turn to how we will debrief and reflect on the challenges we have faced over the last few months. Debriefs have made a real difference during Covid19 with many wards and clinical areas offering group and 1 to 1 debriefs. However, many are yet to offer this support, and this tweetchat may help to encourage organisations to offer this type of support. 

Many themes have come out of Covid debriefs already and many staff have commented how they have helped, one nurse said she was thinking of leaving nursing and the week after her debrief, she said she felt so much better and she would not be leaving she was having a really bad week and having the opportunity to talk to someone really helped. However, mostly staff want to be heard and valued. Our staff are our greatest asset and we must support and value them. 

This #WeNurses Tweetchat aims to explore debriefs around Covid19 and ask:

  • Why do we need to debrief around Covid19? 
  • What do you think Covid debriefs should include?
  • Are Covid debriefs routinely offered / arranged in you team organisation? 
  • Who should lead / arrange debriefs?
  • Have you been offered debriefs or other support during Covid19? How did you find it? 

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