#CarrotDigital - Thursday 13th August 2020 7pm (GMT Standard Time) Enabling Digital Professionalism In Nursing

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This chat is guest hosted by @WeNurses @AgencyNurse

This tweetchat is part of a day long s-learning virtual workshop on "Enabling digital professionalism in nursing" CLICK HERE to book onto this course or feel free to join in the tweetchat as a stand alone learning opportunity. 

During the past few years we have seen a huge growth in the use of digital and social media in the healthcare sector yet it was only a short time ago that Ferguson (2013) questioned whether health would start to leverage the potential of social media. The answer, some 7 years on, is still unclear.  

Forty-seven per cent of the UK population (Ofcom 2017) uses social media which equates to a large number of nurses potentially already using it in one form or another albeit to connect with friends and relatives and the COVID 19 pandemic saw an increase in the use of digital technology in nursing. The challenge now is to capitalise on these things and enable nurses to become digitally professional. 

Being digitally professional as a nurse isn't just about what we don't do (eg not breaking the law, not sharing confidential information,or not inciting hatred or discrimination) but it's also about the positive actions we take (eg being role models, building our digital footprints, using social media to learn and grow, or building communities of practice) This tweetchat aims to explore digital professionalism in nursing and how we can enable digital professionalism in ourselves and our colleagues. 

This tweetchat lasts for 1 hour and will ask the following questions:

  • What does digital professionalism in nursing look like?  
  • What are the challenges to enabling digital professionalism in nursing? 
  • What can we do to ensure we, as individual nurses, are professional in digital spaces? 
  • Why do nurses "get it wrong" from time to time? What causes unprofessionalism in digital spaces? 
  • How do we get started with enabling our nursing colleagues to become digitally professional? 


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