#WeStNs - Wednesday 21st October 2020 8pm (GMT Standard Time) Is It Time to Let Student Nurses Self-Roster?

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Over the years, the @WeStudentNurse team hear stories from students across the UK, who have stated that the lack of a university placement rota/shift pattern/ roster / shifts (known as rota, from hereon in) has had a detrimental impact to their mental health.

Most students are advised by their practice learning environment (PLE) that a rota will be provided on day one of their placement, although there are pockets of good practice. Due to a lack of an advance rota, students have reported that they have been unable to secure employment as they are unable to commit to set days or provide notice of their availability. In addition, students have reported that they are unable to arrange childcare, or manage caring responsibilities, for the reasons stated above.

A poll that the team conducted in October 2019, showed that 89% of the 616 students who participated said not having an advanced placement rota was having a negative impact on their mental health (Elliott, 2020).

Whilst it was never the intention of the @WeStudentNurse team to promote self-rostering, the majority of survey participants stated that this would be the preferable option.

The World Health Organisation (WHO)believe that promoting a collaborative approach between staff and mangers, in relation to work-life balance, can encourage the workforce to be healthier(Burton, 2010). In fact, where there is a lack of empathy by employers regarding this, burnout among nurses can occur (Rahman et al, 2016).  Surely, we want our future nurses to enter the world of the Newly Registered Nurse full of energy and hope, not burnt out and drained?

This tweetchat aims to explore the logistics of a self-rostering system. The issues that may present as a result and the benefits that accompany it.


Focussed themes include:

  1. What issues do you incur from not having a rota in advance of starting a new placement?
  2. What do you think are the potential benefits of students being able to self-roster? For universities, students and trusts.
  3. What are the possible areas for concern if students were to self-roster?
  4. How can we all work together to resolve the rostering situation?
  5. Do you know of any areas/ trusts/other healthcare professions who have examples of good practice when it comes to providing an advanced rota?

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