#WeNurseAcademics - Thursday 17th June 2021 8pm (GMT Standard Time) Connecting Nurse Academics

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This chat is guest hosted by @Helenski17

I’m writing this the day after International Nurses Day2021. A day my twitter feed was bursting with reflection, pride, support and thanking one another for the hard work over the last 12 months. Like many other nursing lecturers I have found this year really challenging but in a different way to those on the physical frontline. We have been under immense pressure to be creative from our spare rooms, children’s play rooms or kitchen tables and become digitally enabled to deliver remote teaching and learning. Challenging in itself but we have also needed to support the future Adult, Child, Mental Health, Learning Disability, dual award nursing workforce who may have opted in or out of deployment, registered nurses who had their postgraduate studies disrupted, Return to Practice nurses, Nursing Associates. Our role in academia is the crucial to the future nursing workforce.

As nurses ourselves we engage in twitter and tweet chats and there are many nursing academics out in the ‘twitterverse’ however how often get a chance to come together cross fields to chat, support, share practice and ideas and ask questions? To bring our nursing academic community together, anew regular #wenursingacademics tweet chat will begin on the June 7th 2021 dedicated to nursing academics whether you support the delivery of undergraduate, postgraduate or nursing associates.

If there are any specific topics you would like the tweetchats to cover please drop me a DM. I hope you will join in with this new unique tweetchat feature.


  1. Let’s connect and network-What is everyone’s background? Please share your clinical background and your role now.
  2. Now we have introduced ourselves, how are you?
  3. It is not uncommon for nursing academics to be unsure of their professional identity. How would you describe your professional identity? Are you a nurse or Academic or both?
  4. What would you like from these tweetchats? Please share ideas and thoughts below

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