#WeNurseAcademics - Thursday 29th July 2021 8pm (GMT Standard Time) Online teaching and Learning: A chance to take stock

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This chat is guest hosted by @Helenski17

Over the last year teaching live online has become the ‘new norm’ however before March 2020 it is likely most of us had not had much, if any, experience in this delivery method. What do we mean by ‘Online learning’? It can be an umbrella term for both asynchronous and synchronous learning with the ‘flipped classroom’ approach and asynchronous online learning being familiar to us in the form of pre and post learning. As we move forward, whilst there are advantages and disadvantages to synchronous online learning, it is likely higher education may consist of a more blended teaching and learning approach. 

We will have all had live online sessions that have gone really well and others that we would like to make changes to. As we moved into lockdown there was a rapid need to prepare established face to face classroom sessions to be delivered in the online environment. Simply transferring these lesson plans is not possible. 

There has also been the need to support the future workforce as they moved to a rapid change to online learning, a new learning method, at home, during a pandemic whilst potentially being deployed or even shielding. Many pre-registration nurses, like many of us, will have also had a challenging outside life that may have had an impact on their ability to engage in learning. But what has this support looked like? 
This tweetchat is a chance for us to honestly reflect on online teaching and learning, share experiences and practices, provide ideas to other and support others. 

  1. How have you found online teaching? How have you found student engagement and how have you monitored and assessed this? 
  2. We have all been supporting students predominately remotely. In what ways do you offer support and has online learning changed this at all? 
  3. Tell us about a session that went well online. What was the session on? what teaching strategies and resources did you use and why? Why did it go well? Would you do anything different 
  4. Now tell us about a session that didn’t go as planned online? What was the session on? What teaching strategies and resources did you use and why? Why didn’t it go to plan? What will you do differently next time? 

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