#WeNurses - Thursday 16th September 2021 8:30pm (GMT Standard Time) Cultural competence in nursing

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Cultural competence is all about being able to understand and effectively interact with people from other cultures, both in terms of the people we care for for and the colleagues we work with. As nurses it’s vital that we have an understanding of cultures as we often act as advocates for the people we care for and a lack of understanding can significantly effect the care we give.

This tweetchat brings together WeNurses and WeLDNurses to address the following questions:

What is cultural competence and why is it important in nursing?

How do we develop cultural competence as nurses?How does culture affect the care we give ? 

How do we build cultural competence within out nursing teams?

What one thing would you say is important for nurses just coming into the profession to understand about cultural competence?

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