#AllOurHealth - Wednesday 20th October 2021 7:30pm (GMT Standard Time) Cardiovascular disease prevention - UoP

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Cardiovascular disease prevention - Tweetchat 4 University of Plymouth 


In England nearly 7 million people are living with cardiovascular disease (CVD), it contributes to over a quarter of deaths each year and health and social care costs in England relating to CVD are estimated at £7.4 billion each year. (PHE 2020)

CVD remains an important issue as it’s a contributor to mortality, morbidity and health inequalities and stalling of reductions in CVD mortality. This is costly to the individual, the NHS and wider system.

The infographic below identifies some of the risk factors for CVD:



(PHE 2020)

To achieve a change in individual risk factors and an individual’s overall risk of CVD we need action which will enable behaviour change at population, community and an individual level.

The behaviour change wheel (below) published by the University College London helps us to understand the types of policies and interventions that have an influence on behaviour.


(Michie 2012 )

This tweetchat aims to explore CVD, behaviour change and personalised care and what we, as health care professionals can do in our day to day roles to prevent CVD. The questions we will be asking in the Tweetchat are:

  • What sort of behaviour change do people need to make to reduce the risk of CVD?
  • How can personalisation help us as healthcare professionals to address cardiovascular disease in our day to day roles?
  • What practical action can you put into practice immediately to reduce the risk of CVD for the people you care for?

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