#WeNurses - Thursday 7th July 2022 8:30pm (GMT Standard Time) Nursing and the menopause

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As nurses we are very used to understanding the health needs of the people we care for and caring for women experiencing menopause and perimenopause symptoms like anxiety, mood swings, brain fog, hot flushes and irregular periods is a part of the roles of some nurses.  However often we forget our own care needs and those of our colleagues; NHS Employers states 'Menopause is not just a gender or age issue, as it can impact on colleagues both directly or indirectly, and it should therefore be considered as an organisational issue. All managers need to know about it, and how they can support their staff' Given that 77% of the NHS workforce are women (NHS Employers) and the menopause potentially affects so many people within health and care either directly or indirectly what support is out there? 

NHS Employers state '

Research within the academic field

 indicates that some people are unwilling to discuss menopausal difficulties with their line manager. Increasing awareness of what the menopause is and the impact it can have on a female’s work-life is key to educating the whole organisation, in order to best support colleagues'  and go on to say that awareness raising is one of the key things that can be done throughout organisations.  With this in mind this #WeNurses tweetchat aims to explore how we can support colleagues in the workplace who are experiencing perimenopause symptoms. 


This #WeNurses tweetchat will take the following format: 

From 8:15pm Pre tweetchat 2 x poll questions 

8:30 - 9pm Tweetchat 3 questions 

From 9pm Post tweetchat 2 x poll questions 

And ... here are the questions we will be exploring:

  • Question 1 (poll)  - Do you work with a nurse who is experiencing perimenopause symptoms ? Yes / No / Other (please state)
  • Question 2 (poll) - Are you a nurse who is experiencing perimenopause symptoms? Yes / No / Other (please state) 
  • Question 3 (tweetchat) - What stops us from talking more about the menopause and how it can have an impact on our working lives? 
  • Question 4 (tweetchat) - What support is out there / needed for nurses experiencing perimenopause symptoms? 
  • Question 5 (tweetchat) - What can each of us do to raise awareness of the menopause and the impact it can have on nurses? 
  • Question 6 (poll) - Have you ever had a workplace discussion with colleagues around the menopause?  Yes / No / Other (please state) 
  • Question 7 (poll) - Would you feel confident going to your manager if you felt that perimenopause symptoms were affecting your work? Yes / No / Other (please state) 

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