#WeNurses - Tuesday 5th July 2022 8:30pm (GMT Standard Time) Nurses Working Alongside HCSWs

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This is the 1st of 4 chats we are running throughout July focusing on our relationship and capacity to help support the needs of HCSW, to learn more about this series of chats please visit the introductory blog here.

These chats are very welcome to be contributed to by nurses and HCSWs with all levels of experience, and educators of both too, we hope you'll all join in to deliver a rounded and interesting discussion. 

For the purpose of clarity, the Healthcare Support Worker Programme, sets out that healthcare support worker is an "umbrella term that covers a variety of health and care support roles, including healthcare assistant (HCA), nursing assistant, theatre support worker, maternity support worker and more.

This tweetchat information: 

What do nurses know about HCSWs?

We know that there are around 150,000 of them delivering care alongside us.

We know they provide patient care in many different clinical settings. 

We know that many of them are extremely skilled and experienced in what they do.

We know previous studies have shown that HCSWs deliver around 60% of the care patients received.

We know that since January 2022, the NHS welcomed over 12,000 new HCSWs, of which over 5,000 were "new to care" with many moving from sectors like hospitality and aviation.

We also know that although their skills and the routes to achieve them may be different from nursing, they are on a journey of learning and development and that nurses are a key part of their induction, appraisals, career progression, and wellbeing at work.

Furthermore, we know that many HCSWs, like many of us when we were in similar roles, will go on to become nurses.

So, knowing what we know, or what we have just learned from above, this chat plans to use the following questions to explore how nurses work alongside and support our HCSWs co-workers.

     - How do nurses support the induction of HCSWs into patient facing roles?

     - How can nurses be mindful of the needs HCSWs who may be new to care?

     - What nurse led approaches have you seen work well to build care quality, confidence and satisfaction for HCSWs?

     - How mindful can nurses be that being a HCSWs is a common, and now more important than ever, route into nursing?

     - What can nurses do to support HCSWs looking to progress their training to nurses?

     - As nurses, how do we support skill development and the wellbeing of our HCSWs who are happy to remain HCSWs?


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