#WeNurses - Tuesday 12th July 2022 8:30pm (GMT Standard Time) Nurses supporting HCSWs' Learning & Career Development

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This is the 2nd of 4 chats we are running throughout July focusing on our relationship and capacity to help support the needs of HCSW, to learn more about this series of chats please visit the introductory blog here.

These chats are very welcome to be contributed to by nurses and HCSWs with all levels of experience, and educators of both too, we hope you'll all join in to deliver a rounded and interesting discussion. 

For the purpose of clarity, the Healthcare Support Worker Programme, sets out that healthcare support worker is an "umbrella term that covers a variety of health and care support roles, including healthcare assistant (HCA), nursing assistant, theatre support worker, maternity support worker and more.

This tweetchat information: 

What do we know about HCSWs training and career development? 

We know that as patient demand grows for nurses, it also grows for HCSWs too.

We know we know that many younger HCSWs, under 30, leave the NHS within the first year of service, many within the first three months.

We know that nurses can be a hugely positive influence in supporting the career development of HCSWs.

We know that many HCSWs who excel in their role and are supported and encouraged by nurses go on to become nurses. 

There is a wealth of information available for nurses to learn from and share with HCSWs from @NHS_EDEngland or those interested in becoming HCSWs from clarity around the 15 standards in the care certificates to lots of careers and learning advice in the HCSWs Learning & Development Roadmap

What nurses might not know is what best practice resources there are out there now to support the learning and career development of HCSWs, when as a team, we are all under enormous pressure to support our patients. 

Throughout the chat, we'll be working our way through the following questions to explore more about how nurses can support our HCSW colleagues to Learning & Career Development by understanding needs, having valuable conversations and creating learning and career development actions for HCSWs:

     - How important to patient care do you feel supporting HCSWs to continue to learn is?

     - How can nurses to be aware of our HCSW colleagues' learning and career development needs?

     - How do nurses work together with our HCSW colleagues to deliver these needs?

     - How do we identify HCSWs that we feel we should encourage to explore nursing as a career?

     - What can nurses do to support HCSWs that are interested in becoming nurses?


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    Picture Credit: NHS England

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