#WeNurses - Tuesday 26th July 2022 8:30pm (GMT Standard Time) Nurses Recognising & Celebrating HCSWs Value to Care

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This is the 4th, and final for now, of 4 chats we are running throughout July focusing on our relationship and capacity to help support the needs of HCSW, to learn more about this series of chats please visit the introductory blog here.

These chats are very welcome to be contributed to by nurses and HCSWs with all levels of experience, and educators of both too, we hope you'll all join in to deliver a rounded and interesting discussion. 

For the purpose of clarity, the Healthcare Support Worker Programme, sets out that healthcare support worker is an "umbrella term that covers a variety of health and care support roles, including healthcare assistant (HCA), nursing assistant, theatre support worker, maternity support worker and more.

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What do we know about Recognising & Celebrating HCSWs value to care?

Understandably, as a community of tweeting nurses, we are likely familiar with the variety of national, high-glitz, nursing awards that are primarily hosted by journals and we may even have been lucky enough to have visited some of the ceremonies held, quite often, in large posh venues with amazing food and quite likely a celebrity host too. But are you aware of anything similar for HCSWs?

How many HCSWs have come into work beaming and told you about the award or accolade for the work that they recently received?

How many times have you been made aware of local HCSW awards and celebrations and you've put an HCSW forward for it?

We know the value to any member of staff is key to the experience of any job and we all know too well how important it is for all of us providing care.

We know that visibly valuing our work as nurses, sharing our skills, efforts and achievements are crucial to both the perception of nursing and nurse recruitment and retention too. 

But do we know our role as nurses in recognising the celebrating the work our HCSWs do alongside us every day?

In this chat, we'll explore how nurses to can be impactful in creating and supporting the recognition and celebration of our awesome HCSWs via the following questions:

     - Why do we think it is important for nurses to be part of recognising and celebrating the value HCSWs bring to care?

     - What areas of HCSWs care delivery do you think can and should be recognised and celebrated by nurses?

     - What can be learned from the national recognition of nursing that can be applied to HCSWs?

     - How does your organisation recognise and celebrate the value HCSWs bring to care and are nurses engaged in it?

     - What do you think will be the outcome of nurses doing a great job of recognising and celebrating HCSWs?

     - How will you do more to support and celebrate your HCSWs tomorrow and beyond when you are on duty?


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Picture Credit: NHS England

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