#WeNurses - Thursday 13th October 2022 8:30pm (GMT Standard Time) What's to be learned from #NursesActive 2022

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This tweetchat was scheduled for the 8th of September and, following the sad news of the loss of HM Queen Elizabeth that evening, it was felt appropriate to postpone the chat to this new date.

So, by the time we run this tweetchat,  #NursesActive, running throughout August as part of the We Active Challenge, will be done and dusted for another year (We'll add impact stats here when we have them).

For those that missed it, #NursesActive encourages nurses to think about being a bit more active in August and encourages tweeting nurses (and supporters of nurses) to share what works for them by doing a little bit more; as well as the friendly inter-WeCommunities competition. It is hoped that this month-long focus will help create some motivation, inspiration, and ideally some habitual changes in our lifestyle that will add value well beyond August!

This year considerable work by the WeVolunteers went into creating the Get Active Kit resource for organisations to get more involved in supporting their staff; well done to the #ImperialActive promotional team and their colleagues that rose to the challenge and delivered some great challenges and ways to be more active at work!

As part of the WeActiveChallenge "Get Active Kit" evidence is available related to the importance of looking after health and care professionals wellbeing (including physical and mental health).

The fantastic #AllOurHealth framework from the Office for Health Improvement and Disparities (formally Public Health England) has much evidence and resources we can use to look at the impact of physical activity data at a population health level; here's the eLearning link

And the @NMCnews Code of Conduct 20.9 says registrants should "maintain the level of health you need to carry out your professional role".

#NursesActive goes someway to demonstrate the diversity of how nurses are active and aims to inspire and motivate us all, and on the whole, the feedback is overtly positive. Additionally, there were some conversations raised about the impact on those who are less able to be active and for those that are currently exhausted by their workload.

Through the following questions, this chat aims to look at how WeCommunities can continue to improved the We Active Challenge as well as how we, as nurses with a huge variety of physical abilities, can support each other to achieve the physical and mental health wellbeing benefits that the evidence suggests we can: 

  • How was #NursesActive for you?
  • Do we think our employers could be doing more to support nurses being active?
  • How impactful do we think 12hr+ shifts are related to nurses' activity capabilities & what can be done? 
  • Why do we think @WeAHPs are more active than nurses during the WeActiveChallenge, what can we learn?
  • How can we ensure, via & beyond #NursesActive, that nurses of all physical abilities gain the benefits of being a little more active?
  • What can we do to improve the #NursesActive impact or experience in the future?
  • What will you do between now and the next #NursesActive to keep doing a little bit more?


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