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Sunday 1st May 2022 by @WeNurses

August may seem like a million years away, with dreams of sunshine and holidays being just that … dreams! BUT ….. now is the time to plot and plan and look ahead to WeActiveChallenge 2022.  We are really pleased to announce that this challenge will be back for the 7th year and this year we want you to take WeActiveChallenge into your organisations to inspire and motivate more health and care professionals to move a little more this August.  STATS

Looking after our own health and well-being as health and care professionals has never been so important and you don’t have to look very far to see how seriously organisations and leaders across health and care are taking staff health and wellbeing:

NHS England (2021)We know many people are mentally and physically exhausted from the demands of responding to the pandemic and they will need time, space and support to recover. The overall health and wellbeing scores in the NHS Staff Survey did improve significantly in 2020, however, the proportion of staff reporting work-related stress also increased from 40.3% to 44%” 


The Kings Fund (2021)One of the most important things that the Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted over the past year has been that the physical and emotional wellbeing of health and care staff, must be of equal priority to that of patients”


Flaubert JL, Le Menestrel S, Williams DR, et al. (2021) “Nurses’health and well-being are affected by the demands of their workplace, and in turn, their well-being affects their work and the people they care for. As it has in so many other areas, COVID-19 has imposed new challenges for the well-being of nurses. But it also has offered opportunities to give nurses’ well-being the attention it deserves and to address the systems, structures, and policies that create workplace hazards and stresses that lead to burnout, fatigue, and poor physical and mental health”


The Point of Care Foundation (2022) A key part of improving care quality is ensuring that those who deliver care are themselves well looked after.

Social Care Wales (2022) We’re aware that caring for and supporting people during these challenging times will have left you working under huge pressure, in ever changing circumstances. That’s why it’s so important you look after yourself.

With the health and wellbeing of the health and care workforce high on the agenda now is the time to take action and WeActiveChallenge is the perfect opportunity to do just that. And that’s just what we want you to do … take action and take WeActiveChallenge into your organisation to inspire even more health and care professionals to move a little more this summer. 

This year's WeActiveChallenge will work in exactly the same way it has in previous years but for those of you who are new to the challenge here are the basics:

In addition to this last year’s leaderboard is a great way to get to grips with how the challenge works CLICK HERE to view it and try searching @AgencyNurse to see how the virtual Twitter medals work. 

Last year over 5,000 health and care professionals took part by sharing over 36,000 active pictures and this year we want to inspire even more people to give the challenge a go.

We have created a Get Active Kit for you which contains all the resources you need to inspire your organisation.

In addition to this we have scheduled 2 webinars where you can find out more, gain support, have questions answered and connect with others who are also setting out to inspire their organisations - SIGN UP BELOW...



August may seem like a million years away but the time to act is now … inspire others, share the value of WeActiveChallenge and help us to get more health and care professionals moving this summer. 



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