We Active Challenge 2022

Monday 25th July 2022 by @WeNurses

Welcome to the 2022 We Active Challenge nerve centre including the background, how to get involved, and live dashboard! 

We Active Challenge Background

Now in our 7th year supporting health and social care professionals to be "a bit more active" in August! 

In 2015, during the first We Active Challenge, 513 #NursesActive & #AHPsActive tweets were sent with pictures of AHPs and Nurses being active.

In 2021, during last year's We Active challenge, over 36,500 active pictures were tweeted via the We Active Challenge hashtags!

The challenge is closely contested by tweeting AHPs and nurses year on year, who battle it out with midwives, doctors, and pharmacists. Participants take the spirit of role modeling being visibly active every year throughout August, when the WeCommunities take a little well-earned "break" from tweetchats and professional development, to explore the personal benefits of being active and focus on the benefits and link to both our physical and mental health.  

The challenge isn't about heroic physical challenges, though feel free if you are already super active, it is more about finding and sharing ways to build being "a bit more active" into our everyday lives as health and social care professionals, and how we can approach and deliver this as individuals, as colleagues, as organisations and whole workforces dedicated to caring for others. This may include fitting more walks into your week, taking the stairs at work, parking further from the shops or getting off the bus/tub a stop early when heading into work. August is an opportunity to make being active visible and share ways we can all achieve it in and beyond August. 

How to get involved

1. Have a think about how you can be a little more active!
2. Take a picture/video of you being more active* 
3. Tweet the picture/video with your WeCommunities Active hashtag, see below (GIFs aren't recorded by the dashboard).
4. Don't forget to encourage others along the way too!
5. Collect and share your WeActiveChallenge virtual badges from the dashboard below (from August 1st)

* If you are not a fan of tweeting selfies then be creative, a picture of your trainers, or the stairs, or a bike or bus stop will do the trick! 

We also have a whole range of resources here that can be used to promote and enjoy the challenge as individuals or organisations in the "Get Active Kit" and our "resource pack" too.

Here are the hashtags for the WeCommunities, give them a click to see the latest Active Pics, encourage your tweeting peers and get some activity ideas for this August! 

The WeActiveChallenge Dashboard

Don't forget, to have your WeActiveChallenge efforts included in the dashboard you must:

1. Send a tweet with a picture or multiple pictures and your community challenge hashtag (see above)
2. GIFs or videos of your activity are not included in the dashboard. 


Share the dashboard as much as you like:

Finding your way around the dashboard...

Get your WeActiveCallange virtual badge! 

You'll earn a Bronze for 5, Silver for 15, and Gold virtual badge for 25 Active tweeted pics supporting your community!

Add your Twitter name to the search bar at the top of the dashboard to see what badges you have earned so far, and of course, share your badge to encourage others to get theirs too! 

Understanding dashboard options

Have a click around and see how the different communities are doing at being active this August! 

The WeActiveChallenge dashboard is driven by @WeGizmos technology that compares any #'s 


Please feel free to post in to this blog; you'll need to be logged in via twitter from the top right of the menu to post.
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