What's Working Weil in Mental Health Nursing #WWWinMHN

Wednesday 21st September 2022 by @WeMHNurses

Around 2,600 years Heraclitus proclaimed "Change is the only constant in life".

Change is also something the NHS is quite well known for, patients' needs, workforce needs, especially at an organisational level too; who has kept abreast of who employs them and what ICS/ICB their employer now belongs to, given that STPs have gone following them replacing PCTs, etc... all change! 

Change, or "transformation", now has roles within organisations and there are many ways to become "an expert in change" in healthcare. Yet for many, the day-to-day provision of providing care as a mental health nurse may not seem all that aligned with these often referred to as "top-down changes".

Some of these changes take a long time to filter down to those providing care right now, every day.

What we feel is needed particularly for RMHNs,  is what's working NOW, is information that can help us improve how we provide mental health nursing now, today, things we can implement now, quickly as RMHNs, so...

What we ALL need to know is "What's Working Well in Mental Health Nursing" right now?

• What are you doing in practice NOW that is working well?

• What are you doing in practice NOW that would be great to share?

• What are you doing in practice NOW that can be adopted by others with ease?

• What are you doing NOW beyond practice to support patients and peers that's working well?

With thanks to CEO Nick for sharing and demonstrating in his 2min explanation/introduction video.

So how do you create and share? 

Well, this is the new bit and we hope quick, simple and effective part of #WWWinMHN...

We would like for you to share #WWWinMHN via tweeted videos

Video is something that is short, simple to create, and works really well when you don't have much time to either write or read lots of content. We all have mobile devices that can create a video so we think that's the quickest and easiest way to get What's Working Well in Mental Health Nursing out there!

Twitter has a video limit of 2 minutes 20 seconds (For the Twitter purists that's 140 seconds, the original character limit), or you could "go live" on Twitter too, a handy inbuilt feature on the mobile Twitter app.

With thanks to our CEO Nick for explaining and introducing #WWWinMHN so well in his 2 min video:

What should we share?

The question you'll probably have is "What type of things should we share?", well, it can be something that might be deemed as a simple or small thing or something quite big and complex, but ideally, it will be something that others can adopt with ease; some times the little things are the big things, so it doesn't have to be a big transformation change, it could be something very simple you do on handover, or to support each other as a team after work.

#WWWinMMN can include things that are working well in providing care, recruitment, education, self-care, CPD... pretty much anything adding value to mental health nursing/nurses that can be adopted. 

Some #WWWinMHN video creation tips

A few things to think about before pressing record:

•  You don't need to be in the video if you are camera shy.
•  You don't need to be in a clinical setting.
•  Few of us are directors, getting the point across is the most important thing.
•  2 mins 20 seconds isn't long, use it an intro to what you are doing, people can tweet you for more info.
•  Apply NMC social media guidelines and your local social media policy to creating your video.
•  It doesn't matter how small your #WWWinMHN is, sharing it with others is really important. 

@WeMHnurses will be keeping an eye on your videos and sharing them too, we may invite you to use alternative opportunities to share more about your #WWWinMHN videos like running a tweetchat about it or maybe taking over @WeMHnurses for the day and showing your changes in action.

If you have any questions please send @WeMHnurses a tweet and we'll look forward to seeing and sharing What's Working Well in Mental Health Nursing videos over the coming months. 


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