Getting #Nursing2023 right, together

Wednesday 21st December 2022 by @WeNurses

Do you recall in late 2021 how excited you were for 2022, thinking "I'm glad this year is nearly over and I'm looking forward to 2022!". 

Well, it turned out that a post covid19 nursing world in 2022 wasn't what we all had in mind at all.

Via your tweets, we continued throughout 2022 to see your personal achievements shared daily, highlighting all the fantastic things that you achieve individually and together to deliver amazing care every day, despite the harsh reality of nursing through 2022.

As we look ahead to 2023, and look to plan how the nursing communities within WeCommunities can support your wants, needs and celebrations, we are sending the last couple of weeks of 2022 and the first week of 2023 collating your thoughts on and via #Nursing2023.

We would be grateful if you could share your tweets using #Nursing2023, please.

Below, we will word cloud all your tweets once they start to come in and look to digest them here and plan to work with you to help us all work together to deliver and amazing year of #Nursing2023.

We'll run a tweetchat in January 2023 via #WeNurses for us all to share ideas to support our combined vision of #Nursing2023.

From now until then, we hope you find some time to recharge ready for another year in the best job in the world. 


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