Getting #NHS75parkrun ready

Monday 3rd April 2023 by @WeNurses

The countdown to the NHS becoming 75 years old is on, and so is the...

#NHS75parkrun countdown


We all know exercise is great for our physical and mental health. The ‘We community’ knows this because every August Twitter lights up with 1,000s of healthcare professionals getting involved with the #WEACTIVECHALLENGE. The positive vibes are infectious!

So when we heard that @parkrunUK is dedicating July 8th (adult) and July 9th (junior) to celebrating #NHS75 We had to get behind it!

Introducing #NHS75parkrun !!!

ParkRun is fantastic for anyone who wants to kick off their weekend in an active way it’s a favourite activity of the #NHS1000miles community too! ParkRuns take place all over the UK - over 800 places to be precise (and many other destinations across the world).  A group of people gather on a Saturday morning to cover a 5k, some do this quickly and others like to enjoy the atmosphere and the scenery. The most important part of parkrun is that all paces count!

Following ParkRun you will receive an email with your time and other statistics… including how many ParkRuns you have completed. These quickly stack up to milestones, gaining you T-shirts to parade the glory of your 50 up to 500 park run resume! You even get rewarded for volunteering!

If you’re new to Parkrun you’ll need to register and get a barcode to start clocking up your mileage. To do this and find out more check out their website.

As parkrun celebrates #NHS75 We thought this a great opportunity to have those of us across the WeCommunities, exploring or doing regular exercise, to meet up at a #NHS75parkrun 

Many of us have made great contacts on Twitter and We have seen friendships blossom over the years, so why not combine #NHS75 with parkrun and meet a Twitter buddy for #NHS75parkrun to celebrate the NHS 75th birthday?

You still have time... but get organised as the countdown to #NHS75parkrun is on! You can walk, run or volunteer at a parkrun and #NHS75parkrun is a great opportunity to explore the setup and atmosphere for the first time, or, if you would like to use #NHS75parkrun as a goal to start running then explore doing a "couch to 5k" training course; parkruns are 5k for adults on a Saturday and 2K for children on a Sunday, with many adults run with the children too. 

If you want to get training for the #NHS75parkrun then the couch to 5k app is a great starting point. You can run alongside your choice of music with occasional appearances from encouraging coaches such as Jo Wiley - reminding you to keep go
ing!  It’s the ultimate beginner-friendly entry route into running - starting from only a minute of running per interval!

Find out more about couch to 5k on the @NHSEngland website

We would like to share, encourage and support as many of you as possible to attend a #NHS75parkrun and use it as a great opportunity to meet and support your tweeting peers.

To help keep track of all of your great activities - let us know where you are planning to spend your #NHS75parkrun 

Join The #NHS75parkrun Tweeting Map!

To join the map simply click on the tweet button below and it will launch a formatted tweet that will get you on the map*

Join the #NHS75parkrun Twitter map

You'll see from the tweet all we need to know is which #NHS75parkrun you'll be at, replace the XXXX in the tweet with the postcode or the name of the parkrun you'll be attending.

*We do need to do a little magic behind the scenes to get you on the map so you may not appear instantly. 

Let's fill the map, encourage others to join in and join you to celebrate #NHS75 via #NHS75parkrun!

Don't forget to share your photos during the parkrun and tag @WeNurses @WeAHPS @WeMidwives so we can retweet them for you and add them to the Twitter wall that we'll add here on the day! 

If you are not able to walk or run but would like to support others on the day contact @parkrunUK and ask about volunteering opportunities. 

You can take a look at the #NHS75parkrun Twitter map full screen here.


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