All of the chats on this website are run by healthcare professionals who believe passionately that through connecting people and sharing information ideas and expertise we can share best practice and ultimately provide better care. We all give our time voluntarily to host Twitter chats as we can see that through better connections and sharing comes better care. We like to share the good stuff!! Although the chats may be predominantly aimed one group of healthcare professionals (eg WeNurses is aimed at nurses) all of the chats promote an “everyone is welcome and adds value” approach to tweeting, connecting and learning with patients offering a great value too when tweeting alongside healthcare professionals.

@WeNurses is a weekly Twitter chat predominately aimed at nurses and takes place every Thursday at 8pm on Twitter using #WeNurses. 

About the chat coordinator: 

WeNurses is run by Teresa Chinn MBE (tweeting at @AgencyNurse) who is a registered nurse and co-founder of WeCommunities. Teresa was an agency nurse who found herself professionally isolated and reached out to social media to connect with other nurses. It was Teresa who first brought the concept of Twitter chats to nursing in the UK. Since then Teresa has become a social media specialist and now works with healthcare organisations delivering workshops, seminars, speaking at conferences and providing social media consultancy. Find out more about Teresa Chinn via her blog and find out more about her health care social media consultancy and speaking here via linkedin.

The @WeNurses student leaders for 2017 are @abigailstdnurse and @LukiKnowsBest who you can learn more about them in their introduction here

Coordinators: @AgencyNurse
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@WeCommissioners hosts a tweet chat every 2-3 weeks on a Tuesday evening, 8pm - 9pm using #WeComsers. These cover a variety of topics of interest to commissioners based on feedback and requests from our followers. Each chat will be promptly summarised to share with colleagues on and off Twitter. @WeCommissioners provides a space for anyone with an interest in commissioning to meet, share experience, knowledge, tools and challenges. The @WeCommissioners team will facilitate conversations using the hashtag #WeComsers but all views expressed remain the views of the community members participating in the chats. 


Responsibility for this community is shared between a small group of us, all with very different backgrounds and experience to bring to the table and all supporting in a voluntary capacity additional to our day jobs! We will invite guests to lead tweet chats in their area of speciality and work with our fellow WeCommunities and others to develop joint chats. 

About the chat co-ordinators:

David Foord ( @DGFoord ) is a nurse with a range of experience working in private healthcare and NHS provider and commissioning organisations in managerial, executive and non-executive roles. He is currently Director of Quality & Clinical Governance at Luton Clinical Commissioning Group. Passionate about the benefits social media can bring to patient's experience and outcomes, David connects this with his role working in commissioning. He is keen to use social media to learn and grow whilst supporting others to develop. David currently blogs weekly about his experience as a Director in the NHS having previously written a daily blog for the first 100 days in his current role.


Clare Helm ( @ClareHelm2 ) is passionate about the use of social media in healthcare. The breadth of experience which is at our fingertips on Twitter still amazes her - we have the ability to connect directly with colleagues from across the service that we otherwise wouldn't come into contact with, which is an extraordinary opportunity. Social media breaks down barriers and allows us to share ideas and talk through challenges. Clare wrote her first blog for NHS England about these social media benefits. She has worked in the NHS for nearly 7 years, within both national and local organisations. Her roles have focused on sharing good practice, quality improvement and clinical audit. Clare hopes that @WeCommissioners will help her to connect with an even more diverse group of colleagues from across various commissioning organisations and understand further the challenges they face on a day to day basis.


Jonathan Griffiths ( @DrJonGriffiths ) is a GP at Swanlow practice in Cheshire where he has been working since 2005. Pursuing an interest in commissioning he became chair of Vale Royal Practice Based Commissioning Group, and was subsequently elected as GP Chair of NHS Vale Royal CCG when it was formed. He joined Twitter about a year ago, and still considers himself to be quite new at it! He is a keen blogger, with the CCG website hosting most of his blogs. He recognises the value of Twitter as a level playing field where all can engage, share ideas and learn with the ultimate aim of improving patient care.


Val Bayliss-Brideaux ( @Val_BB ) is the Senior Engagement Manager for the three Manchester Clinical Commissioning Groups with the responsibility for digital and social media. Her background is in community engagement and has worked in both the voluntary and community sector and the NHS for over 15 years. Passionate about the benefits social media can bring to patient's experience and outcomes, Val connects this with her role working in commissioning. Several years ago Val recognised that social media provided a further engagement tool to listen to patient and carer experiences and develop trust and relationships. Her experience as a trustee of a local carers forum enables her give back by sharing her social media skills and regularly takes part in social media surgeries run in the voluntary and community sector.


We hope to drive forward @WeCommissioners, making it a really useful space for fruitful, engaging and open conversation as well as creating a space in which commissioners can share ideas, tools and tips. Don't forget to spread the word, on and offline, and include #WeComsers in your tweets to help us connect with you. 


If you have specific ideas for tweet chats, you can tweet us, direct message us to @WeCommissioners . No idea is too small so please get in touch! We can't wait to hear from you!


Coordinators: @DGFoord, @ClareHelm2
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@WeParamedics is a monthly Twitter chat predominately aimed at Paramedics but the virtual crew room is a welcoming place for anyone with an interest in pre hospital care . @WeParamedics takes place at 8pm and we try and run chats monthly with lots of notice of chats that can be found here using #WePMDS

@WeParamedics is run by a small team of enthusiastic volunteers who believe connecting and chatting in an open space, to share best practice, will improve the services we offer and the enjoyment in our roles.

Learn a little about our coordinators: 

Sarah Black
Sarah has been Head of Research and Audit in an NHS ambulance Trust since 2000, following the completion of a post graduate qualification in research methods and statistics. As a contributor to the JRCALC National Clinical Guidelines since 2002 she is passionate about about building the evidence base for pre hospital urgent and emergency care. A self-confessed ‘data geek’ she is also keen on using information to develop clinical practice and improve the quality of care.

Sarah is keen to encourage the paramedic profession to engage in research and audit, and has involvement with some undergraduate programmes as an Associate Lecturer. She is also hoping to finish her own Doctoral studies soon!
An avid #FOAM supporter she is often found on Twitter
Sarah tweets as @sarahhuggy

Rhiannon Roderick
Rhiannon qualified as a Paramedic at Oxford Brookes University, she has since started the MSc Critical Care course at Cardiff University as well as studying to be a Specialist Paramedic (Urgent and Emergency Care) at St Georges University London. Rhiannon is the alternate trustee for the College of Paramedic’s South East region and is passionate about using social media as a platform to support learning, networking, and progression of the Paramedic profession.
Rhiannon tweets as @RhiRoderick

Liz Harris
Liz qualified as a paramedic in 2003 and has since explored and embraced education at a later stage in life, most recently completing an MSc in Leadership, Management and Change in Health and Social Care at Bradford University. After several years of getting to grips with the realities and challenges of being an ambulance paramedic Liz went on to take up clinical educator and clinical supervisor positions for the Yorkshire Ambulance Service (YAS) over the next few years and she also became an Associate Lecturer at Sheffield Hallam University.
In 2010 Liz took on a Clinical Pathways role in YAS, implementing new pathways for clinicians to refer to, such as for end of life or mental health crisis. Liz developed the first referral pathway into alcohol support services in Sheffield which is still proving effective today forgetting people into treatment and on the road to recovery. During this time Liz secured a place on the National Leadership Academy, Clinical Leaders Fellowship programme where she completed a Post Graduate Certificate in Service Improvement co-facilitated by Manchester Business School and The King’s Fund. This programme ignited her interest in leadership, organisational culture and Twitter!
Liz’s most recent role in YAS was as a Clinical Development Manager but she is currently on secondment to The College of Paramedics as an Executive Officer.  The membership of the College of Paramedics continues to grow and the status of the paramedic profession is now finally at a level that has been aspired to for many years. However, there is still much work to be done and Liz is keen to take on the role of Executive Officer to increase the capacity of the College of Paramedics to work on behalf of its members. Liz will also be working to increase the visibility and improve communication to members about the ongoing work to develop the paramedic profession to meet the challenges of healthcare provision in the future.
Liz tweets as @lizharrisMCPara

Chris Richmond
Chris has been a Paramedic since 1995. He helped to establish the FRV tier in Sheffield to help South Yorkshire Ambulance Service,as it was then, improve the response to cardiac conditions as part of the NSF for Coronary Care. On his journey through the Ambulance Service he was one of a team of 7 Paramedics who received additional training in Minor Injuries and Illness that was the subject of a piece of research into how effective this new role might be. He also called off and spent a year as a lecturer practitioner in Paramedic and Advanced Nursing practice. He then returned to his role as an Emergency Care Practitioner and latterly managed the team. He then moved onto a senior management role in the new NHS 111 service going out on a secondment to help design the next evolution and look at integrated urgent care and technology.
He is really interested in integrating care, improving Paramedic prospects, but is also passionate about mental health and well-being of paramedics and NHS staff.

More importantly he just wants to “do stuff” that makes a difference to people and keeps him interested. At some point he wants to complete a Master’s Degree and although a passion is Public Health he will probably end up with one in Health Care Policy (at some point!).
Chris tweets as @Richki55

Special thanks need to go to @Pam007Nelmes for setting up @WeParamedics in the first place and previous contributions from @Jakestanley2 !

Coordinators: @SarahHuggy, @NHS_Chris, @RhiRoderick, @lizharrisFCPara
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@WeMHNurses is a fortnightly Twitter chat predominately aimed at Mental Health Nurses. MHNurseChat takes place every other Monday at 8pm on Twitter using #WeMHNs


About the chat coordinators: 

Vanessa Garrity @VanessaLGarrity Vanessa is an experienced Registered Mental Health Nurse, who since qualifying in 1996 has worked in a variety of areas as a nurse, manager and leader within the NHS and independent sector.

Vanessa currently works independently as the founding director of Sociable Angels. Vanessa's main work is predominantly in the area of transformation, innovation and improvement and she is also a Leadership Associate at Yorkshire and Humber Leadership Academy, Health Education England. She has a special interest in social leadership and in the use of social media and digital technology in health care. 

Vanessa runs @WeMHNurses with @markoneinfour and @jones23emma . 

You can connect with Vanessa via Twitter at @VanessaLGarrity and find out more information about her work at www.sociableangels.com 

Mark Brown @MarkOneinFour is development director of small social enterprise Social Spider CIC. Mark supports, researches and writes about mental health, social innovation and social media. He specialises in projects that bring new perspectives and approaches to mental health and the intersection between social innovation and mental health. Mark’s experience of mental health difficulties puts him at the forefront of a wave of innovators in mental health who utilise the insight provided by their lived experience.

In 2006 Mark originated and edited the national magazine for people with mental health difficulties, written by people with mental health difficulties One in Four . Including articles on a variety of lifestyle issues, the magazine helped many people with direct experience to their first opportunities to appear in professional print media.

Mark is a well recognised tweeter on mental health and social action, one of Community Care ’s top sixty social care tweeters and recently joined the @wenurses team of health tweeters, leading regular mental health themed twitter chats with engaged audiences of health care professionals and patients. In 2013, Mark developed a thought piece for The Office for Disability Issues on social media and Disabled People’s User-Led Organisations. In 2014 he spoke at NHS Innovation in Health Care Expo alongside WeNurses Teresa Chinn on healthcare and social media. You can read the text of his talk on the subject of social media and public professionals here  

Emma Jones (@jones23emma) Enthusiastic mental health nurse and facilitator of learning who loves family, friends, food and films! There is always a solution! 

Coordinators: @VanessaLGarrity, @MarkOneinFour, @Jones23Emma, @ScottybooSb
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@WeSchoolNurses is a Twitter chat held every 2 weeks, aimed at School Nurses and those that regularly support and care for children of school age on Tuesdays at 8pm on Twitter using #WeScNs. 

The volunteers supporting the @WeSchoolNurses range both in terms of social media and nursing experience. 


About the chat coordinators: 

Heidi Ferrier–Hixon qualified as a paediatric nurse in 2003 and worked in a general paediatric unit as well as working for a period of time within the children’s hospice environment. 

In 2005 Heidi was given the opportunity to take on her first role as a School Nurse in North Bristol which lead to the opportunity of moving on to a school nursing role in Bath.

In 2010 Heidi relocated to the West Midlands and initially worked as a school nurse within the developing Vulnerable Childrens Team within Sandwell taking on the role of leading the team in 2011. Sandwell's Vulnerable childrens team has continued to develop and strives to ensure school nursing services are offered to all young people across Sandwell regardless of educational provision inclusive of young people attending PRU's, electively home educated young people, children missing from education, gypsy travelling families and new to UK families.

In 2013 Heidi was nominated for an award for the development and launch of the Sandwell School Nurse Ambassadors Programme which continues to develop across the authority. 

Heidi remains an active advocate for the School Nurse Champions for Young Carers Project supporting the attendance of School Nurses at the annual Young Carers Festival.


Jo France – Jo started her career on the wards in 1995 before moving into school nursing in 2004. From starting as a School Staff Nurse she undertook the specialist practice course to become a qualified School Nurse then Practice Teacher. Jo is now proud to be the School Nurse Team Manager and Professional Lead for her dedicated team in Shropshire Community Health NHS Trust. Jo is passionate about supporting the unique health needs of our younger generation by fostering an innovative and creative team approach. Becoming a Queen's Nurse has recognised her dedication and commitment to quality nursing care. A mum to twin teenage girls also keeps Jo very busy too. Jo's a regular Tweeter and enjoys using this very valuable method of communication for networking and positive support.


Michelle Sobande - Michelle notched up over a decade of experience in acute adult and paediatric nursing before discovering the unique role of the modern School Nurse. Over the past 12 years Michelle has worked in a variety of roles within Health Visiting and School Nursing across Scotland and North East England and chose to specialise in School Nursing due to the specialist opportunities associated with improving health outcomes for Children and Young People. Michelle has recently returned to practice after 3 years of leading the School Nursing curriculum full time at Teesside University and currently holds two part time posts spanning practice (School Nursing) and Senior Lecturer (SCPHN - Teesside Uni). Michelle considers herself to be an advocate for School Nursing and is passionate about the potential of this important service. Other areas of interest include technology, Social media and engaging with Young People as these factors are all currently the focus of an Msc in leadership.


Wendy Nicolson - Department of Health, Professional Officer School and Community Nursing RN Adult, RN Child, RNT, Dip Nursing, BsC (Hons) Nursing, MA Child Law

Currently part of the Director of Nursing’s Public Health Nursing Directorate at the Department of Health. Previous experience includes; Professional adviser to Department of Health - Quality Standards for young people’s health services, this included setting up the initial You’re Welcome regional pilots and Regional Government Office/SHA Policy Lead for Teenage Pregnancy, Young People's Sexual Health and Young People's Health Services.

Previous strategic and senior management posts held within health and children’s social care including looked after children, children’s complaints and vulnerable children. Wendy set up one of the first (and largest) Sure Start Trailblazers in England before moving to Wales to work as Children’s Services Planning manager to implement the new Leaving Care Act recommendations and regulations for children’s care homes. Wendy went on to become Head of the Children and Young People’s Strategic Initiatives Unit – leading the implementation of the integrated health and social care planning system for health and social care, supporting the Children’s Commissioners review for whistle blowing and children in need.


Wendy is a registered nurse teacher and worked as Senior Lecturer in Child Health, pre and post-registration education, and set up the first child branch programme in North Wales. She aslo has worked as a Speciality Manager, Paediatric and neonatal intensive care (Westminster Children’s Hospital and Great Ormond St), Staff Nurse, Children's nursing and Adult ITU. 


Other experience includes: 

- Children's acute care and nurse education, Turin, Italy; 

- ECMO and neonatal care, Los Angeles Children's Hospital, USA; 

- Exploring young people's health services, Sweden; 

- Future European’s - Young people's health, Brussels.


Maggie Clarke - Maggie is a Paediatric Nurse and school nurse SCPHN. She has worked as a school nurse since 2001 and is currently the professional lead for the school nurse teams in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland. She is committed to continuing to develop the excellence in the Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland school nursing teams and to encourage and innovate new ways of practice to promote the public health agenda for children and young people. Recent projects have included the roll out of the text messaging service to young people 11-19 years across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland and introducing a new model of working for the School Nurse teams including the use of social media to enhance our service offer.

Daniel Lucy - Dan commenced his nursing career in 2013; graduating from Glyndwr University with a first class honours degree in adult nursing. During his time as a student nurse he discovered the role of the modern school nurse and subsequently the importance of delivering health services to young people. Due to his ambition of wanting to improve the health and wellbeing of children and young people, Dan completed a Specialist Community Public Health Nursing PgDip in 2014; allowing him to gain registration on part three of the NMC register. Dan is currently working as a Senior School Nurse in Trafford. In his spare time Dan volunteers as an operations manager for St John Ambulance and is in the process of writing MSc dissertation in health sciences.

Annie O’Neill - @AnnieRONeill says "I trained in London at Kings College Hospital and became a registered general nurse many moons ago! Having completed a year as a staff nurse on a speicalist Renal Ward I decided to leave nursing altogether for while and started working within industry. I became the Branch Manager of a recruitment consultancy in central London and worked there until I moved to Suffolk and started a family. I then had various jobs which fitted in with family life including working within schools, I then decided to go back into education. I gained an English and History degree in 2006. At that point I felt that returning to nursing would be a positive step, I completed the course in 2009 and went straight into School Nursing, did the SCPHN in 2013 and have stayed put ever since! At last I’ve found my niche!"

Stephanie Millichope - @pufferfish34 says "I qualified as an adult nurse in 1998 and specialised in ophthalmic nursing.  I then worked as a nurse advisor with NHS Directfor 5 years before heading to school nursing.  I worked within a primary/secondary foundation school for 5 years as a health advisor before deciding it was time to further my knowledge in public health, completing the SCPHN School Nurse pathway in 2012.  I currently work as a SCPHN School Nurse for Kent Community Health Foundation Trust and have particular interests in school nurse service development and utilising technology to reach young people.  I enjoy studying and am looking tocomplete my Masters in the next few years! Outside work I have two children, 12 and 14 and am an avid photographer of all things nature / wildlife / the universe plus the odd wedding!!

Paula Lawrenson - Paula says "I have been nursing for 29 years, the last 9 years in School Health. I am a Practice Teacher who is proud to say that I have supported 6 students to successful completion and entry onto the NMC register as a Specialist Practitioner - School Nursing. I have developed a behaviour referral pathway for referrals to local paediatricians and CAMHS services and, a new Request for Support Form, for referrals into the School Health Team to enable appropriate and timely support to be given. I am experienced in identifying the changing role of the school nurse and developing the local school nurse service. I am passionate about listening to children and young people to understand their needs, wants, wishes and dreams."

Karen Alred - Karen says "I originally trained as an EN back in the 1980’s at GOSH, had a number of years away from health so completed a return to nursing programme in 2004.Following working within the hospital environment, I completed the conversion to RN(A) before moving into a community developmental role as a staff nurse for children with disabilities. Through this I completed the SCPHN (SN) PGDip,later completing this to MSc Public Health Nursing. I worked for 6 years within my specialist role for children with disabilities before heading into higher education, where I am currently working on the SCHPN programme for both health visiting and school nursing. This is a new role, requiring completion of the PgC Health Education qualification for NMC Teacher level 4 which I have just embarked.  I am passionate about working with children, young people and their families in a preventative and early intervention role and believe that school nurses and health visitors have a significant contribution to make to the public health agenda. I have particular interests in emotional health and well being of children and families, including links to attachment and child development, the relationship between the practitioner and children and their families, empowerment and advocacy and the voice of the child, and improving the evidence base underpinning practice."

Michelle Ireland - Michelle says: I qualified as a children's nurse in 2011 from the University of York (mature student) and commenced employment at Scarborough hospital working within SCBU. Although whilst training as a children's nurse, I completed a community placement and knew this would be something to aspire to in the future. In 2013 I started working for Harrogate and District Foundation Trust (HDFT) as a band 5 school nurse, based in Scarborough. I honestly didn't know what to expect, but enjoyed the new challenge this brought me, so in 2014 I decided to apply to Hull University with the support of HDFT to complete my SCPHN qualification in school nursing.What a challenging year that was, but enjoyable at the same time and this is where I found Twitter and this helped me achieve the qualification with the opportunity to access up to date resources and obtain an amazing depth of knowledge from other professionals, obtaining great links with them too. Now in 2015 I am still working for  HDFT but now as a SCPHN in Scarborough. I am now just trying to implement all the knowledge the course gave me within the local team, so exciting times ahead.I live on the Scarborough coast with my husband and 3children, oh and my cat.

Emma Tomkins - Emma says "I qualified as an adult nurse in 1996 and worked in a variety of acute settings before moving to community nursing in 2003.  I enjoyed visiting clients in their ownenvironment but still felt that something was missing.  It was then that I started talking to theschool nurses in the office next door. Fortunately, school staff nurse posts had just been advertised.  I started working as a school staff nurse in 2005 in Wolverhampton and within one week I knew this was the job for me.  I particularly enjoyed that no day was the same, it challenged my thinking and way of working and I was able to work with the most wonderful people….children! I still feel as passionate about school nursing now as I did then, but with the added bonus of the theoretical underpinning of my SCPHN which I gained in 2015.   I am now a Band 6 School Nurse in Telford with a very busy caseload and currently, my particular areas of interest are NCMP and obesity and school readiness.  I am also a busy mum with 3 boys aged 13, 12 and 5 and I am starting to think I need to reset the balance at home with a female pet!"

Coordinators: @WendyJNicholson, @MichelleSobande, @Jo_Gregory73, @maggieclarkeC4H, @MrDanielLucy, @HeidiFerrier, @AnnieRONeill, @smillichope, @KarenAlred, @waluap, @emmatom37, @MichelleIrelan3
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@WePharmacists Twitter chats are held at 8pm on the second and fourth Thursday each month using #WePh and are aimed at pharmacists, technicians, students and all other pharmacy staff.


About the chat coordinators: 

James Andrews : James is a former community (retail) and PCT pharmacist; he currently works in a GP practice in Surrey and has a separate regional role with a large community services provider. 

He’s also dad to a 5-year old daughter who’s growing up faster than he’d like and a 5-month old little boy who has yet to realise the benefits of sleep, husband to an exceptionally patient and wonderful wife who sadly can’t cook for love nor money, an avid allotment owner, runner and fan of indoor climbing.

Aron Berry - Aron is currently a final year pharmacy student who enjoys learning and sharing knowledge and addicted to Twitter

Cathy Cooke - @cleverestcookie Cathy's professional career spans community pharmacy, GP practice, PCT, community services and secure environments. She is currently head of medicines management for a large health and social care provider.  Cathy enjoys inter-professional networking, mentoring and writing policies.

EmilyBeardall - @EmilyBeardall1 is a pharmacist in the voluntary sector with the national charity Action for M.E. (lhttps://www.actionforme.org.uk/), which involves writing a resource for pharmacy teams on M.E., and writing articles for the charity’s magazine and website about pharmacy services, public health issues, and plain English summaries of the latest M.E. research. She also advises the charity on NHS and pharmacy policy, and provides information about pharmacy and medication when these are in the news. Emily enjoys pottering about in her garden, playing guitar, and is addicted to blogging! Her blog is A Prescription for M.E. (lhttps://aprescriptionforme.wordpress.com/ )

Coordinators: @aptaim, @Aron2092, @JohnathanLaird, @EmilyBeardall1, @Cleverestcookie
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@WeMidwives is a fortnightly Twitter chat predominately aimed at Midwives. WeMidwives takes place on Tuesdays at 8pm on Twitter using #WeMidwives


About the chat coordinators: 

Charlene Cole

is a second year student midwife at the University of Coventry. After having three children at her local hospital trust, and receiving wonderful care from the midwives there, she decided to pursue a career in midwifery herself. Working as a healthcare assistant in her local maternity unit and helping out as a breastfeeding peer support worker confirmed her ambition, and she hasn’t looked back. Charlene was recently voted to be one of England’s representatives for the RCM’s student midwife forum and is passionate about building a supportive network for students, midwives and the wider multidisciplinary team through social media, and through her campaign #GetYourTweetOn plans to recruit as many HCPs to twitter as possible. She is a great believer in the power of Twitter and tweet chats for professional development, collaboration and learning. Charlene previously worked as a research chemist, gaining her PhD at the University of Warwick in 2005, and her passion for research and continual learning remains.


Jenny Clarke - Jenny hase worked in NHS since 1980 and was a medical ward sister for many years. After the birth of her first child her community midwife Jean Duerden inspired her to train as a midwife - having been in various midwifery roles Ward Manager / Public Health / Community Midwife / Core Delivery Suite . Jenny has a passion for normal birth and now works at Blackpool on Midwifery Led Unit as Core Midwife of team of 4. As a positive deviant and a moment of madness led Jenny to write on a NHS theatre wall about skin to skin - she started tweeting to help others feel courage in facilitating skin to skin for any theatre situation around childbirth . As a result Jenny has encouraged Midwives Drs and theatre staff to challenge lack of skin to skin contact in the theatre setting. Twitter gives you strength and her mantra is always positivity - Jenny loves to make midwives think how they can inspire others . Jenny is very lucky that she adores her job and can't think of anything she'd rather be than a midwife #skinToSkin. Jenny is one of those strange folk that enjoys public speaking but uses music art, laughter and poetry - death by PowerPoint ain't her style- ! Her grown up children, friends, family, colleagues , women and families she meet/ care for plus her dog Sammy and love of Art in any form are all crucial to who she is and how she lives her life she believes twitter has the power with a solid community to change practice for the better and now has over 800 followers due to her passion for skin to skin for all babies regardless of mode of birth. Jenny tweets as: @JennytheM 

Natalie Corden is a student midwife , mum and wife. Her journey to midwifery started with training as breastfeeding support at her local hospital, a doula for vulnerable women and their families, an MSW in a London Hospital for 3yrs, a foundation degree in maternity support work and then the midwifery degree that began in 2013. Natalie is committed to #positivity for all women, student midwives and midwives ,to reduce the fear of physiological birth. She tweets daily #positivity #globalvillagemidwives spreading kindness and compassion. Natalie feels that twitter is her "go to place " to connect within the wider midwifery community; which is aiding the development of her midwifery identity. Natalie hopes to connect with student midwives to enable their use of twitter and share her passion for social media.
Natalie tweets as @Corden1326

Deirdre Munro is an Irish midwife passionate about kindness, compassion, research and global networks. Deirdre works as a Midwifery lecturer and community care lead.  

Deirdre worked as a senior midwife on the national communication project Health Service Executive / University College Dublin researching clinical handover in maternity care. Deirdre published a chapter on ‘open disclosure’ in an exciting book called ‘Roar Behind the Silence’.

Deirdre founded the Global Village Network conceived at the International Confederation of Midwifery 2014 and here the global village of midwives was born on twitter. This innovation achieved TEDMed membership, awarded International Fellowship with the England Centre for Practice Development and listed as top 300 women leaders globally. Deirdre is a proud change agent and graduated from the School for Health and Care Radicals. 

The Global Village Network now includes:

    • Global Village Midwives
  • Global Village Mental Health
  • Global Village Ability
  • Global Village Nurses
  • Global Village Health Translation

Deirdre encourages everyone to create myometrium moments (#Myomo), innovation moments (#InoMo) and is known to promote #oxyhugs at Conferences / workshops.

Mhairi McLellan is a student midwife at Robert GordonUniversity in Aberdeen. She is active in the RGU Midwifery Society and was selected to join the Council of Deans Student Leadership Programme. She is something of a travelling student midwife as her clinical placements are spread across the Scottish Highlands and Islands and she enjoys working in remote and rural settings. Mhairi has enjoyed using Twitter as a learning and networking tool and hopes to encourage more student midwives to embrace it. Before becoming a student midwife Mhairi had a varied career that included completing a degree in performance art, studying nutrition, training as a baby massage instructor, auxiliary nursing and running away to join the circus. Mhairi is a firm believer in pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and putting yourself out there, especially when it feels really scary.

Coordinators: @JennytheM, @corden1326, @DeirdreMunro, @CharleneSTMW, @MhairiMcLellan
Next chat details can be found here with archived chats found here .

@WeLDnurses is a fortnightly Twitter chat predominately aimed at LD Nurses. @WeLDnurses chats take place every other Tuesday (normally) at 8.30pm on Twitter using #WeLDNs. 


About the chat coordinators:

Sam Abdulla is a lecturer and deputy field lead for the learning disability nursing programme at Edinburgh Napier University. Sam qualified as a registered nurse in learning disability in 2012. Following that Sam has worked as a staff nurse in a respite and residential unit for children with complex physical health needs, as a community learning disability nurse and most recently within service development for inpatient learning disability services. Sam is one of the founding members of @WeLDnurses and considers this to be one of the proudest achievements of his life.~
Sam tweets as @samabdulla

Daniel Marsden qualified as RNLD in 1998 and has practiced in NHS services since then, in childrens, community, acute hospitals and as a Consultant Nurse, and has recently become Senior Lecturer at Kingston StGeorges University.

Passionate about person centred care, nursing and practice development,Daniel has several funding awards and publications, including MSc research project, a participatory action research project. Along with @WeLDNurses,Daniel has been involved in founding a number of organisations to facilitate community inclusion with people with learning disabilities, including Kent Surrey Sussex Learning Disability

Sally Wilson is an experienced RNLD working in acute hospitals initially as a liaison nurse and more recently as Adult Safeguarding Lead for the last few years. She has previous experience in managing residential and nursing homes, respite services, assessment and treatment unit and has worked with all age groups from children to older adults. Sally is a committed RNLD and is passionate about all things to do with LD care. She is a founder member of @WeLDNurses Team, and through this work, committed to improving the use of social media for people in LD care.
Sally tweets as @Salsa442

Florence Dowling is a newly qualified learning disability nurse currently based at a respite unit for adults as a staff nurse. Flo previously undertook an internship with @WeLDNurses, and joined the team as a core member in 2018. Prior to training as a nurse, Flo spent 18 months in America volunteering at Camphill

Special School; a residential school for children with special needs.This is where she developed her interest in learning disabilities. On her return to England, Flo chose to study at Birmingham City University where she graduated with a first class degree in learning disability nursing.

Flo is passionate about promoting inclusion for people with learning disabilities, breaking down barriers, adapting communication and promoting independence. Flo believes that these can be achieved through person-centred care, reasonable adjustments and ongoing education to name a few.

Flo is keen to instigate positive change through the medium of social media;hosting chats, creating conversations and making people think. Flo is a firm believer in the work that a multidisciplinary team can achieve, and would like to continue to find new ways to engage audiences, and increase awareness through networking. Flo is committed to personal and professional development through social media and is excited to see what @WeLDNurses can achieve!
Flo tweets as @florenceella

Ross Wyatt is a recently qualified Learning Disability Nurse graduating from the University of Northumbria in Newcastle in 2016. When commencing his studies, Ross had a vision, the goal being to work in a profession where Ross felt he could instigate change. Through personal and professional development he has a desire to be a strong advocate for people with a learning disability,challenging practice and raising the profile of the profession and the client needs.

Since qualifying Ross has been working in a community learning disability team, where he works with adults with a learning disability, the primary focus of his role is in the delivery of Positive Behaviour Support,Ross’ role involves assessment, developing good quality behaviour support plans jointly with the people he supports, their families and carers, working with the wider MDT and providing training, development and education to care providers, all with a view to supporting in the improvement of the individuals quality of life.

Having commenced with @WeLDNurses as a student volunteer in his second year at university, Ross has been with the team for a little over three years.Ross has a passion to develop his use of Social Media further in line with the requirements of the NMC, whilst recognising the invaluable support and opportunity it provides.

Whilst studying at University Ross was a departmental representative and a learning leader, which is a programme designed to support new student nurses through sharing his own experiences. At home Ross is a Husband and a Dad and he enjoys running, SoMe, reading and watching films.
Ross tweets as @ross_6479_RNLD

Paula Richardson is one of two student interns with @WeLDNurses in 2018/19 She is approaching the end of her 2nd year studying Learning Disability Nursing at the University of South Wales (USW). Following the birth of her children,

Paula was inspired to pursue a career where she could really make a difference in people’s lives, having a child with a learning disability solidified her choice to become an RNLD. Over the past year Paula has become increasingly aware of the benefits of social media within the nursing profession and has taken part in numerous tweet chats to further her knowledge and skills, whilst raising awareness of the role of the RNLD and the barriers to equitable health faced by people with learning disabilities. Through her increased twitter presence, she has also been asked to be a part of a project within USW to promote the use of Twitter, in a bid to engage fellow student nurses in the world of social media.

Paula is also a student mentor within the university, where she enjoys supporting new students who are embarking on their student nursing journey.
Paula tweets as @paularich1977

Ian Unitt
  is a third-year Learning Disability Nursing Student at The University of Wolverhampton and one or two @WeLDNurses Interns during 2018/19. Ian has several years’ experience supporting people with learning disabilities in independent-living and residential settings and completed a Foundation Degree in Health and Social Care at Oxford Brookes University in 2016. During his first two years as a student nurse Ian has been involved in many local and national programmes and campaigns including the #150Leaders Student Leadership Programme, and various campaigns aimed to encourage more men in to nursing and more students in to LD Nursing. Ian is a Student Information Officer for the @RCN, a course rep for Cohort 216 @wlvuni_LD and a volunteer for a user-led charitable organisation that supports people with learning disabilities and autism to self-advocate @DvcDudley.
Ian tweets as @IanUnitt

Coordinators: @salsa442, @samabdulla, @ross_6479_RNLD, @florenceella, @paularich1977, @IanUnitt
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@WeDocs run tweetchats at 8pm on the 3rd Wednesday of every month via #WeDocs. Topics are diverse and incorporate as often as possible subjects that will be of interest across all of healthcare provision, as with all WeCommunities the chats are not exclusive to doctors so do come along and learn and share your relevant perspectives, irrespective of your role! Whilst the @WeDocs is run by those detailed below we would like topic suggestions to come from the community so do tweet us with suggestions so we can ensure the communities needs are being met.

Many thanks go to the following volunteers for giving their time to run @WeDocs:

Dr Chris Roseveare graduated from Southampton University medical school and subsequently trained in gastroenterology and general internal medicine in the Wessex region. In 1999 he was one of the first UK Acute Medicine consultants to be appointed, at Southampton University Hospitals NHS Trust, where he has worked since, maintaining an interest in endoscopy. He has been editor of the Acute Medicine Journal since 2001 and his book, “Acute Medicine – Clinical Cases Uncovered” was published in 2009. He was inaugural Treasurer of the Society for Acute Medicine (SAM) from 2000-07 and its President from 2011 to 2013. Chris is passionate about the importance of 7 day services: he was principal author of the RCPL Acute Care Toolkit on 7 day working on the AMU, and was co-chair of the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges’ 7 day working subgroup. He represented acute medicine on Clinical Reference Group of the NHS England Urgent and Emergency Care Review and the Steering Committee for the NHS England 7 day Forum Clinical Standards Group.
Chris has become an active user of twitter and writes a blog entitled ‘Views from the Sharp End’. He chaired the social media sessions at the Society for Acute Medicine conferences in 2013 & 2014, and two recent #TwitterNHS conferences. 
Chris tweets as @croseveare

Dr Jason Neil-Dwyer graduated the now Guys, St.Thomas’ and Kings Medical School in London. Trained in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in the Trent Region with subspecialist Fellowships at Great Ormond Street Hospital, Evelina Children’s Hospital and British Columbia Children’s Hospital, Vancouver. Working since 2010 as Lead Primary Cleft Surgeon in the Trent Regional Cleft Network based in Nottingham Children’s Hospital with outreach clinics at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals, Doncaster Royal Infirmary and Leicester University Hospitals. 
Jason is passionate about the potential of social media as a powerful tool for innovative interactions. He runs a patient / clinician Facebook forum for patient participation within Trent region, as well as using social media as an educational platform for regional trainees. 
Jason tweets as @Jneildwy

Julie Rasmussen is a post-doctoral researcher at Cardiff University School of Medicine. She originally trained in public health enforcement and spent many years in industry working with organisations to design systems and processes to minimise harm. She became interested in organisational psychology and how culture and context influences what people do. As a passionate ‘WeDocs’ tweeter (she is not a medic), she wants to engage people in creating change to make healthcare safer for patients. 
Julie tweets as @JulzRasmussen

Dr Natalie Silvey is a junior doctor who is training to be an anaesthetist. An avid user of Twitter for the past few years she has previously run a journal club on Twitter and has presented on social media and medical education at several conferences. Natalie is passionate about patient safety and improving care for patients and has been involved in NHS Change Day for the past two years.

Natalie tweets as @silv24

Patricia Cantley is a consultant in Medicine for the Elderly in South East Scotland. 
After a decade as Clinical Director within NHS Lothian, she has taken on a new role as a Community Geriatrician setting up a Hospital at Home service for Frail Elderly patients in Midlothian.
Patricia tweets as @Trisha_the_doc (under married name of Patricia Elliott) 

Philippa Rees is a final year medical student at Cardiff University. After completing a BSc in Clinical Epidemiology Philippa decided to pursue a career in academia further and is currently doing a masters focusing on the quality and safety of primary care for children. Her interests include public health and paediatric safety, and although new to twitter, Philippa regularly uses it to keep up to date with and tweet developments in this field.
Philippa tweets as @PhilippaCRees

Sam Majumdar bio coming soon...
Sam tweets as @sammajumdar

Dr Alys Cole-King is a Consultant Liaison Psychiatrist (Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board) and Director Connecting with People. She works nationally with Royal Colleges, voluntary bodies, academics, and experts by experience. She contributes to the All Party Parliamentary Group for Suicide and Self-harm Prevention. Alys interested in building resilience and resourcefulness and the wellbeing and mental health of doctors and NHS staff. She is interested in Human Factors and has developed a portfolio of clinical tools to provide a clinical governance framework and promote patient safety, one of which has been adopted by the College of Emergency Medicine. She is primary author of papers, book chapters, webinars, podcasts and self-help resources on suicide and self-harm prevention and compassionate care and contributed to the RCGP e-learning module on suicide prevention. Alys sits on the Editorial Board of the of Journal of Compassionate Health Care and a reviewer for several journals. Alys is a strong advocate of social media and has led four international campaigns via social media to promote compassion, patient safety and a public health approach to suicide prevention, wellbeing and resilience including the U Can Cope NHSChangeday Campaign. Alys tweets as @AlysColeKing

With thanks and respect to @GrangerKate for being part of the @WeDocs team as she fought to beat her illness, we will ensure her #HelloMyNameIs work continues in all that we do.

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Coordinators: @JulzRasmussen, @sammajumdar, @CRoseveare, @Jneildwy, @Trisha_the_doc, @PhilippaCRees, @OlwenOlwen, @silv24, @DrKateLovett
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Heather Bain - Dr. Heather Bain - is a Senior Lecturer Post graduate and CPD Education at Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen.  Heather was a district nurse team leader of an integrated team before coming into education in 2002 at The Robert Gordon University. Her role was to lead the implementation of the Extended Nurse Prescribing course. She subsequently became the course leader of the District Nursing course and more recently has led the Masters courses and CPD portfolio within the School which includes the MSc Advanced District Nursing, the first in the UK to be NMC approved as well as accredited by the Royal College of Nursing for Advanced practice.

Heather is an active member of the Association of District Nurse Educators and has been involved in many working groups relating to community nurse education. She was one of the editors on the Textbook of Community Nursing and she is currently involved in developing a 2nd edition of this textbook. Her doctoral studies explored the unique knowing of District Nurses in practice.

You can tweet Heather via @HeatherBain9

Helena Kelly – Helena is a lecturer of Nursing and Community health at Glasgow Caledonian University. Helena is involved with the education of both undergraduate and post graduate students and shares and passion for District Nursing wherever possible. Currently Helena is the pathway leader (becoming programme leader in January 2018) for the Post Graduate Diploma in Advanced Practice in District nursing programme. Helena was a District nurse and practice teacher of twenty one years in Edinburgh before becoming a lecturer in 2015.

Helena is an active member of the Association of District Nurses Educators and works closely with colleagues to remain as current as possible around anything District nurses.

You can tweet Helena via @Helenakelly73

Coordinators: @HeatherBain9, @Helenakelly73
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@WeAHPs run tweetchats via #WeAHPs at 8pm on the last Thursday of every month, starting on Thursday 26th March. 

We hope #WeAHPs will provide a vibrant forum for sharing information, resources and experiences, whilst also raising the profile of allied health professionals (AHPs), who we are, what we do, and why we have an important role in transforming health and social care services.

Chats are coordinated by Jo and Naomi, but we’re just getting started so offers of help are very welcome. We also encourage suggestions for chat topics, tweet us at @WeAHPs.

About AHPs

There are a number of different approaches to defining who the allied health professions (AHPs) are, including:

• Professions represented by the Chief Allied Health Professions Officer for NHS England http://www.england.nhs.uk/2014/06/27/appointment-chief-ahpo/ 

• Those represented by the Chief Health Professions Officer for the Scottish government http://www.scotland.gov.uk/Topics/Health/About/Structure/ChiefHealthProfessionsOfficer 

• The Allied Health Professions Federation http://www.ahpf.org.uk/member_organisations.htm 

• HCPC registered health professions http://www.hpc-uk.org/aboutregistration/professions/ 

• Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Allied_health_professions 

For now we're planning to go with the wiki definition of 'health care professions distinct from nursing, medicine, and pharmacy' as we're keen to involve everyone who's interested, but do tweet us @WeAHPs with your thoughts and comments.

About the chat coordinators

Joanne Fillingham @jkfillingham – Joanne is the Regional Rehabilitation Lead, Midlands and East Region, for the Improving Rehabilitation Services Programme at NHS England. Her substantive post is Professional Head of AHP in Staffordshire and Stoke on Trent Partnership NHS Trust, a corporate role providing professional leadership for AHPs to support safe, efficient and effective patient centred care to achieve the best possible citizen outcomes.

She qualified as a Speech and Language Therapist in 1998, is a member of the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists, and completed a PhD in 2004. She has worked in clinical and leadership roles, across primary and secondary care settings, as well as private practice. She was successful in her application to the Nye Bevan NHS Leadership Academy course which she commenced in 2014. 

Joanne believes that it is vital that AHPs engage in social media to engage, learn, participate and build relationships because of its power to amplify messages to thousands or even millions of people.

Naomi McVey @naomimcvey –  Naomi is a physiotherapist who has worked as a clinician and manager in a number of multi-professional teams, including A&E, secondary care and the community, as well as private practice. Naomi is a member of Council for the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, and also coordinates the #physiotalk twitter community with @JanetThomas47

Naomi is passionate about using social media to learn, share and network with others across professional, hierarchical and geographical boundaries, and is keen to encourage AHPs to get involved in social media and be part of this fantastic on-line health and social care community.

Coordinators: @NaomiMcVey, @jkfillingham, @HelenOwen3
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@WeCYPnurses is the newest member of the We community. We are children and young people's nurses and student nurses who are passionate about providing the best possible care for our (clients/patients) and believe that networking and sharing of ideas using social media is a way of improving practice. Monthly chats to be held on Tuesday nights 8pm via #WeCYPNs, prechat information here, with archived chat details here.

About the @WeCYPnurses chat co-ordinators:

Caroline Dodd (@cdodd09) did her pre-reg training in Nottingham qualifying as a paediatric nurse in 1995. Most of her career has been in general paediatrics at Burton Hospital where she's currently one of the senior sisters. In 2014 Caroline completed a MSc in Advancing Healthcare Practice with the Open University. Caroline has 2 children.
Her hobbies include going away in her caravan and social media. Caroline only joined Twitter in 2014 but has since become addicted and has enjoyed making lots of new contacts. Social media has a huge potential for nurses and Caroline is hugely excited to be helping to develop @weCYPnurses.

Lucy Gardner (@LugardCYP) is a second year student CYP nurse studying at The University of Salford who has a keen interest in social media and it’s use amongst the nursing and wider healthcare community, after having Twitter for many years before beginning training. Lucy has experience hosting a #StudentNight @WeNurses chat collaborating with Teresa Chinn (@AgencyNurse) and also experience curating her nursing school’s twitter account @nursingSuni. In practice Lucy has worked in a wide variety of settings throughout her time as a student including a general medical ward, bone marrow transplant unit, neonatal intensive care unit, paediatric high dependency unit, oncology and haematology ward, elective treatment centre, and a children’s clinical research unit all based throughout greater and central Manchester. Lucy has a particular interest in critical/acute care and learning disabilities. Lucy believes that students have a huge potential for driving the social media movement in healthcare.
Juliet Hopkins (@bradley_juliet) has been a registered children's nurse for 12 years. She has worked in various specialities including liver and small bowel transplants, A&E, school nursing, diabetes and clinical research. She is currently the lead for Clinical Healthcare Support at Birmingham Children's Hospital; leading on clinical support worker apprenticeships and raising the profile of clinical bands 1-4 within the trust through training and development. She has a interest in social media and believes it's a valuable platform for professionals to be able to give and receive support, knowledge and ideas from those in the CYP community.

Becky Hepworth (@hepworth_becky) is a Children's Community Nurse Team Leader who lives and works on the Isle of Wight. She qualified in 1994 and worked in neonatal units in Nottingham, Cambridge and Basingstoke before diversifying into community nursing. She now works as part of an integrated paediatric unit and has a real passion for caring for children and their families at home when possible. She has been instrumental in the island's new collaborative hospice service for children with life limited conditions.
Becky has found the use of twitter has expanded her horizons beyond the Isle of Wight, has led to sharing and connections with other like minded people and reignited her passion for nursing.

Coordinators: @hepworth_becky, @bradley_juliet, @LugardCCN, @cdodd09, @sn_barnes, @robbradley01
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Joyce Skeet - Hi, I'm Joyce, I am a Practice Nurse with 25 Years + experience. I work in a 7 GP surgery with 15,000+ patients in Horsham, West Sussex. I specialise in Diabetes and Travel Medicine, I am a QN and have an MSc In Travel Medicine (only one in Sussex!). My patients are mainly Diabetics or travellers with complicated itineraries and see my role to share my skills and experience with my younger PN's. Travel in general practice can be a difficult area with PN's with 1 study day's experience managing risk assessment, immuninations and malaria prophylaxis. So I would like to see recordable training for all PN's in this area. In Jan 15, I travelled to Cambodia with 2 other QN's and we worked voluntary in the diabetes centre in Siem Reap for a month. We set up training and protocols for their staff, trained them to use equipment we brought out and helped manage the complicated patients and also went out with the team to the mobile clinics in the very rural areas. This was a great experience and very different to working in the NHS!!

Joyce tweets as @skeet_joyce

Esme Elliott - Hello, I'm Esme, I am a Practice Nurse working in moderate size GP surgery in the North East of England. 

I am Lead Nurse for Vascular diseases as well as Diabetes. 

I am a QN and a member of the founding group for WeGPN. 

My role is something I take very seriously- and endeavour 'to do as you would be done to' throughout my working day. 

Esme tweets as @ElliottEsme

Louise Goodyear - My name is Louise and I am in my 3rd year Bsc(Hons) Adult Nursing degree at Wolverhampton University. Currently I am on my sign of placement within a GP surgery and Gill Boast is my mentor. I absolutely love practice nursing and really would love to enter this speciality once I qualify this summer. However I know there are barriers to this but I am determined to succeed. 

I have had many doors open since starting my nursing journey, and WEGPN's is one initiative I can continue with once qualified and beyond. I am extremely passionate and driven to raise the profile of practice nursing at student level. 

Louise tweets as @LoukGoody

Gill Boast - Hellomynameis Gill Boast. I'm a GPN Manager/Nurse Practitioner/Prescriber/QN and I've worked in General Practice for 17 years. I love the huge variety and that we truly nurse from cradle to grave. In my current role I have particular responsibility for Learning Disability patients and am keen to improve care for this vulnerable group. I have mentored Student Nurses throughout my career and would like to encourage more placements with GPNs. Apart from my work in practice, I sit on the regional GPN leads network at Health Education West Midlands and I organise the GPN Forums in my area. As a Queen’s Nurse I have attended meetings at HEE to discuss workforce planning etc. Prior to becoming a GPN, I was a School Nurse for 5 years and before that a Trauma Ward Sister. Aside from nursing, I help my husband to run his engineering business, working on Sage accounts & VAT etc. I have two grown up children, a Siamese cat and am the proud owner of a Morris Minor convertible! In my spare time I enjoy music and also dabbling with watercolour paints. It would be great to be able to promote the arts to improve health and wellbeing in the future.

Gill tweets as @gillboast

Heather Henry - I'm a former GPN, cardiothoracic nurse and NHS Manager. These days I am a freelance, practising public health nurse, voluntary sector trustee for CALLPlus: a Greater Manchester charity helping people with life limiting conditions and I am also the vice chair of @NHSAlliance -a primary care membership body that influences national policy. My Twitter handle is @heatherhenry4 and my dog Bess (pic) who I hope GPNs will adopt as mascot is @Prof_Bess 

I'm interested in inequality, social innovation, wellbeing and happiness theories (salutogenesis) and asset based approaches

I tend to think differently and creatively and like to shake up the status quo if it does not serve our patients and residents

Heather tweets as @heatherhenry4

Jan Gower - I'm Jan Gower. I have worked as a practice nurse and advanced nurse practitioner in the same semi-rural practice in Cambridgeshire for 15 years. Alongside those roles I have worked as a Practice Nurse Lead for a PCT and was the first primary care nurse to sit on a CCG board iin England. I am proud to be a QN and remain passionate about the role of the GPN and the quality of care we deliver. 

Jan tweets as @nursegow

Coordinators: @ElliottEsme, @nursegow, @gillboast, @HeatherHenry4, @sarah_searz, @EllzSummary, @BrownNhsdeb, @louisebrady17, @marcelav40
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Andrea Johns is a Health Visitor Team Leader at East Cheshire NHS Trust, Fellow of the Institute of Health Visiting and is currently on a part time secondment to the Chief Nurse Directorate at Public Health England as Health Visitor Advisor to PHE/DH. The aim of this exciting role is to bridge the gap between practice and policy.

Andrea’s background is in children’s nursing having trained at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, Liverpool. Andrea worked on acute children’s wards in Liverpool, Wirral and Chester before training to be a Health Visitor at Manchester Metropolitan University. 

Andrea is committed to giving all children the best start in life and has many years of experience as a Health Visitor. 

Andrea has a passion for social media since joining Twitter in 2012 and has found that this is a valuable way for professionals and service users to share, connect and learn. In February 2014, Andrea made an NHS Change Day Pledge to encourage Health Visitors to use Twitter and to set up a #WeHV’s for all to connect. Andrea supported the Institute of Health Visiting to set up iHVForum in November 2014 and continues to lead a team of Fellows to host fortnightly chats. Andrea is delighted to see her ambitions for a We Community realised as @WeHealthVisitor becomes a reality.

Andrea tweets as @AndreaJohns20

Justine Rooke I began my career as a Registered Nurse (Adult) in 1993. I worked for 5 years in both acute and general medical nursing. This lead to my interest in public health and preventative nursing. I qualified as a Specialist Community Public Health Nurse/Health Visitor in 1998 and as a Health Visiting Practice Teacher in 2000. I have worked in Scarborough, North Yorkshire for approximately 18 years in these roles. I have worked with the Institute of HV for 6 months as a Regional Project Lead for the Northern area between Nov 2014 and April 2015, and I am currently on a part time secondment with the DH/PHE as a Health Visiting Advisor. 

I have been actively involved in my own employing Trust for driving forward service transformation. This has included work within the Healthy Child Programme and Recruitment and Retention forums. This led me to be successfully nominated and awarded CPHVA Health Visitor of the Year 2014. I have recently completed an MA in Child Welfare and Safeguarding at Huddersfield University and I am a Fellow of the Institute of Health Visiting. I now work for Harrogate and District Foundation Trust, North Yorkshire in a dual role as Practice Teacher and Team Leader.

My interests include horse riding, sport, reading and writing articles on Health Visiting. I have developed an enjoyment of social media and the many benefits it can bring both personally and professionally.
Justine tweets as @justinerooke

Bernie Hughes Bernie qualified from Kings College Hospital as a registered general nurse (adult) in 1992. She gained diverse experience through staff and senior staff nurse roles in King's Liver Unit and District Nursing, more senior roles in King's Trauma and Orthopaedic unit and NHS Direct, and prior to qualifying as a Health Visitor, was Head of Audit and Training at a 21 bed chemotherapy day case unit in Harley Street. Senior roles have given Bernie insight into strategy and forward planning, but at her heart she has always remained focused on the people.

Throughout her nursing experience, child protection, public health and the vulnerability that mental health brings to the lives of families has been a constant seam. This led to exploring the possibility of becoming a Health Visitor and this was realised for Bernie in 2012. The role has provided her admiration for the dedication of her colleagues, the incredibly hard path that parents walk, and the often unexplainable resilience of children. An iHV perinatal mental health champion, Bernie's interests on social media are predominantly around this subject. She is delighted to have been asked to be part of WeHVs. 

Recently widowed, Bernie lives with her two adult children in Hertfordshire.
Bernie tweets as @bernie_hughes

Elaine McInnes Elaine qualified as a nurse in 1986. Also qualifying as a midwife her specialist area for more that 15 years was in neonatal intensive care and she worked at University College Hospital, London for many years.

Elaine’s passion for achieving the best outcomes for children led her in to public health, qualifying as a Specialist Community Public Health Nurse/Health Visitor in 2007 and as a Health Visiting Practice Teacher in 2011. 

Elaine currently works as Lead Professional Development Officer at the Institute of Health Visiting where she has been instrumental in developing over 120 good practice briefing documents for health visitors. She also led on the development of the National Induction and Preceptor Frameworks and on post-implementation evaluation. She has recently completed a 6 month evaluation of the impact of Building Community Capacity projects in the North West of England.

Elaine was one of the first Fellows of the Institute of Health Visiting and is passionate about influencing policy through research and education. She has recently been accepted onto the Nursing Research Programme at King's College London to undertake a PhD. Elaine aims to continue investigating the value of continuing professional development on staff retention.

Elaine believes social media is a valuable tool in sharing and disseminating evidence based practice in busy professional lives. As well as developing the iHV’s presence across social media platforms, in November 2014 Elaine was key to launching the iHV’s fortnightly iHV Forum on Twitter.

Elaine tweets as @elainemcinnes1

Libby Willcock In 2012 Libby's passion for Health Visiting began when she was placed with a team as a student nurse. She went on to return to this team for her elective placement at the end of her training and was fortunate enough to secure a Health Visiting Staff Nurse post following qualification in 2013. After practicing for six months Libby started her Health Visiting Training with the University of Chester. 

Nearly one year post-qualification Libby hasn't stopped. Health Visiting in Cheshire is her main vocation and alongside this Libby is a Solihull Approach Trainer, Solihull Attachment Trainer, iHV Infant Mental Health Champion and busy completing her NBAS Certification. 

Using Twitter on a regular basis has allowed Libby to keep up to state with changes to evidence based practice and also network with some extremely talented people who have influenced and supported some of the changes and innovations she is working to implement.

Libby's specialist interests include; Infant Mental Health, Attachment, Sleep Support and Antenatal education. 

Twitter: @libbywilcock

Dr Karen Whittaker Karen qualified as a health visitor in 1989 and practiced predominantly in Salford. She moved to an educational role in 1998 and now leads elements of the PGDip and BSc SCPHN programme and is course leader for the Post Graduate Certificate in Practice Teaching provided at the University of Central Lancashire. Her doctorate and post-doctorate research has involved study of parenting support and health visiting/ public health nursing practice. Currently she is collaborating with researchers at York and Plymouth Universities delivering a community based randomised controlled trial and economic evaluation of the Incredible Years Infant and Toddler (0-2) Parenting Programmes. This is known as the E-SEE (Enhancing Social-Emotional Health and Wellbeing in the Years) trial http://e-see-trial.ord/

She is an iHV Fellow and Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. She chairs UK Standing Conference on Specialist Community Public Health Nurse Education, co-facilitates the NoE Health Visitor research network and has recently been working with UNICEF Central and Eastern Europe International Technical Advisory Group on Home Visiting.

Lynn Christie: Ever since I can remember I always wanted to be a nurse, however it took me many years after leaving school and 2 children later before I eventually lived my dream. I began my nursing career as a mature student in 2009 graduating from Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen with a Bachelor of Nursing with Distinction and commenced employment in a general surgery high dependency unit. Whilst training as a student nurse, I gained experience with a fantastic health visiting team and from there my HV passion began. I was fortunate enough to gain a place on the Public Health Hons Course again at Robert Gordon University and was placed as a trainee HV within Aberdeenshire. As a student HV, I wrote a student article which was published in the Journal of Health Visiting on the role of the Named Person which for all children under 5 years of age is the health visitor which highlighted the fundamental role HV's carry out supporting families. I qualified in November 2015 and gained a full time HV post in the same base where I completed my training.  I am just about to embark on a stand alone Masters Module again at Robert Gordon University on Childhood Obesity Management as I love studying to enhance my practice and knowledge.

I believe social media is a valuable tool in sharing practice and knowledge, connecting and supporting peers and I am extremely honoured to be joining a wonderful team at WeHVs.  I recently hosted my first twitter chat in collaboration with Robert Gordon University (their first twitter chat too) for pre and post reg students to discuss the use of social media in promoting health which was very successful.

2016 is an exciting year for the HV profession in Scotland as it sees the implementation of the Named Person role and the new HV programme incorporating 11 mandatory home visits including the antenatal home visit, a topic close to my heart as I wrote my dissertation on the importance of this visit.

Outside work, I love going to the theatre to see musicals and plays, listening to audio books, baking and spending time with my husband and 2 daughters.

Coordinators: @AndreaJohns20, @justinerooke, @libbywilcock, @kwhittaker1, @bernie_hughes, @brianlynn29, @CharWSmith
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Sarah Russell tweets as @learnhospice and has worked in hospice and palliative care (as a clinical nurse specialist, manager, educator and researcher) for over 20 years. Sarah’s clinical expertise is in advance care planning and communication skills and is just completing her Professional Doctorate in Health Research on Advance Care Planning. She has led and managed formal and informal teams and developed different types of end of life education programmes across a variety of hospice, hospital, community and care home settings including; e-learning, train the trainer programmes / resources,user involvement, and Institutes of Higher Education. Sarah is particularly interested in person centred relational advance care planning,communication, care home and multi professional education with associated evaluation and outcome measurements. Her passion is to make the seemingly inaccessible, accessible and to implement and embed excellent care through sharing ideas, experiences and evidence.

PROFESSOR BRIDGET JOHNSTON is a qualified nurse and has a clinical, educational and research background in palliative care. Her research has centred on self-care and advanced cancer, telehealth and palliative care,symptom management in palliative care and laterally dignity in end of life care. She completed her PhD from the University of Glasgow in 2002 on nurses’ and patients’ perceptions of expert palliative nursing Bridget is a Professor of Palliative and Supportive Care with the Sue Ryder Care Centre for the Study of Supportive, Palliative and End of Life Care in the School of Health Sciences at the University of Nottingham. She maintains a clinical position laterally with the palliative care team in Nottingham (CityCare and NUH) as an Honorary Clinical Professor (nursing). Bridget is Consultant Editor of the International Journal of Palliative Nursing.

Laura Middleton-Green is a lecturer and researcher in palliative and end-of-life care in the Faculty of Health Studies, University of Bradford.  Her clinical background includes community and hospice nursing and working a a Clinical Nurse Specialist in Palliative Care.

She has worked as hospice Education Lead and is currently at the University of Bradford where she is responsible for undergraduate palliative care in the Faculty of Health Studies, as well as the MSc in End of Life Care.  Recent research projects include a qualitative evaluation of a telemedicine service to support people in the last year of life and their carers, an AHRC funded study exploring the use of historical and archeological case studies to facilitate conversations about death and dying, observational work on death anxiety and care of the dying in the acute medical setting, and views of doctors on the implementation of ultrasound imaging in a specialist palliative care unit.

She is passionate about dispelling myths about death and dying, getting people talking, compassionate communities and reflective practice.  She tweets as @heblau and @letstalkdeath, and blogs at lmiddletongreen.wordpress.com

Coordinators: @learnhospice, @BridgetJohnst, @heblau, @PhilBallRN
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The objective of @WePharmerOz - The Australian Pharmacist WeCommunity - is to get Aussie pharmacists talking with each other about topics that are relevant to us, at a time that is convenient to us, on a platform that is quick, concise, and flexible. Chat Sessions will run once a month'ish  based on popular topics, and will then occur more often based on popularity and available time.

The @WePharmerOZ account is brought to you by the following tweeting volunteers:

Jarrod McMaugh - tweeting as @pharmerfour
Jarrod is an Australian community pharmacist with a strong interest in clinical services offered through community pharmacy, advocacy for the pharmacy profession, health politics, and achieving the best outcomes for patients.

After observing WeCommunities for a few months, Jarrod decided to approach the organisation with the aim of delivering the same community and communication services to Australian pharmacists. Australian pharmacists are few in number, and spread over a huge land mass. Getting together to talk online will hopefully bring us that little bit closer together.

Kenneth Lee - tweeting as @KennyPharmPhD   (linkedin.com/in/kennypharmphd)
Kenny strives to be a conduit for positive changes to the healthcare landscape. He is an Australian community pharmacist, an academic, and a health informatician. His interests revolve around information - it's access, processing, understanding, and application - in the context of healthcare in the Digital Age. Kenny believes that information plays a pivotal role in healthcare; by fostering information literacy skills in health professionals and patients, we can all work together to improve healthcare delivery and management.

Drawing upon his experience in creating an online community that supports Western Australian pharmacists in peer-learning, and with the guidance and support from his teammates, Kenny hopes to unite pharmacists from across the country (and hopefully the world!).

Sam Turner - tweeting as @sdturner7 (lnkdin.me/sdturner)
Sam is a recent pharmacy graduate from Brisbane undergoing his internship in community pharmacy. Sam has a strong interest in leadership, advocacy and developing professional pharmacist roles surrounding primary care. Sam believes strongly in the expansion and utilisation of pharmacists outside traditional roles and hopes to be apart of the innovative journey that the profession is currently enrolled upon.

Being at the early stage of his career, Sam utilises social media to engage  with colleagues and other health professionals around the world. He hopes to assist building the #wephoz community to provide better collaboration to his peers especially bridging the gap for early-career pharmacists.

Arnav Chug - tweeting as @ArnavChug
Arnav is a community pharmacist undertaking his internship in the Geelong area in Victoria. He seeks to advocate for the roles of community pharmacists working in multidisciplinary teams to help optimise patient outcomes.He has a strong interest in recognising economic influences on the pharmacy profession and its relationship to health policy development.Arnav first heard about #Wephoz through Sam and found it an excellent platform to engage and collaborate with his peers. He aims to continue to work with his team to help address professional silos that exist within healthcare.

You can read our lunch blog here  our archived chats here and our planned chats here, we look forward to tweeting with you via @WePharmerOZ and #WePHoz too

Coordinators: @pharmerfour, @KennyPharmPhD, @sdturner7, @ArnavChug
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Lynn Hartley @hartleybrowell has over 30 years experience within NHS Finance and is currently Associate Director - Financial Services at County Durham and Darlington NHS Foundation Trust and FSD Lead for the North East & Cumbria. She is also the secretary of the HFMA Northern Branch and one of the Future Focused Finance Valuemakers. She has a passion for staff development and a belief that closer working relationships and sharing best practice, using informal networks at all levels, is the key to improving working lives

Gayle Wells @gcwFFF A.C.M.A, C.G.M.A. is Assistant Chief Finance Officer at NHS Wigan Borough CCG, and has worked in the NHS for 15 years in commissioning organisations.  Most recently Gayle has been working to support 24 NHS organisations pilot The King’s Fund Toolkit for collaborative teamwork with the Close Partnering Workstream of NHS Future Focused Finance.  Gayle has an established track record of achievement and managing successful teams, in a range of demanding and complex environments, believing that behind every challenge is a real opportunity for positive change.  She is proactive and enthusiastic about NHS staff development having seen the personal benefit of being supported by some great leaders throughout her NHS career to date

Nicki Emmett @EmmettNicki F.C.C.A is Head of Management Accounts at Wye Valley NHS Trust. She has over 10 years experience in NHS Finance in both Commissioner and Provider organisations after working in Accountancy Practice for 7 years. She is passionate about making a difference and improving NHS finance to make it a greater place to work and has been a Future Focused Finance Valuemaker since the second cohort last year.

Mark Axcell @MarkAxcellNHS Hello my name is Mark Axcell.  I am acting Chief Executive at Dudley and Walsall Mental Health Trust.  I am a qualified accountant with over 23 years experience in the NHS in both Acute, Mental Health, Community and Commissioning. I am passionate about the role that finance teams and individuals can play in providing great healthcare alongside clinical teams. The reason I enjoy working in the NHS today  and the reason I joined 23 years ago are exactly the same - to be part of and support our amazing teams to deliver great care.

Rebecca McCaffry @CIMARebecca  FCMA, CGMA is head of public sector research at CIMA and caught the Twitter bug from the Future Focused Finance #valuemaker community. Her previous roles include supporting students through their CIMA exams, designing and delivering training programmes for finance and non-finance staff, and developing management information systems.

Coordinators: @MarkAxcellNHS, @gcwFFF, @EmmettNicki, @CIMARebecca, @hartleybrowell
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Coordinators: @HannahSTN, @leedicksonstn, @KarriPops, @LeanneHPatrick
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