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Monday 30th November 2015 by @AgencyNurse

We wanted to share with you some fantastic news:

****** Tickets for WeGetTogether #WGT16 are now available ******

Following some amazing crowdfunding and event sponsorship the costs of putting on #WGT16 have been covered, you said you would fund #WGT16  you did! Many, many thanks again to those crowdfunding and sponsoring the event in the many ways you have.

On the event planningTwitter Chat  many of you pointed out that often unless a financial commitment is made many people book but don't turn up! Of course #WGT16 is designed to try and get as many of us to "get together", but we only have room for 300 attendees, so we’ve taken your advice to try an ensure that no places are taken and not used .... We are asking for £5 for each ticket please that will be donated to charity.

This close to Christmas weare very aware that there are many families in the UK who are struggling to make ends meet so all monies raised through the sale of tickets will be donated to The Trussel Trust (@TrussellTrust), who work to end poverty and hunger in the UK, find out more about them here > http://www.trusselltrust.org  

Of course if you can’t make it we will be using lots of different ways for you to not only see and engage with the day, but also ensure those not there will be driving it via twitter too.

If at any point you’ve booked a ticket and can’t make it please let us know ASAP so we can re-issue your ticket.

#WGT16 takes place on February 29th 2016 and is being held at Salford University

Please use the form below to book your ticket.

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