#WeNurses & #NurseShift bring you twitter chat netiquette

Tuesday 21st August 2012 by @AgencyNurse

Twitter Chat "Netiquette"


Twitter strives to be a very polite and kind environment that everyone can enjoy and this is something that #WeNurses and #NurseShift strongly advocate also. In order for the community to get along and for everyone to get the most out of our Twitter chats #WeNurses and #NurseShift have joined together to develop the following nurse netiquette:

  • Remember the NMC code – this is the most important bit of nurse netiquette, when chatting please remember if you are a nurse offline then you are a nurse online. (NMC guidelines)

  • Be polite to fellow chatters – please remember you P's & Q's as chats are so much nicer if people are polite

  • Please do not swear – we would ask you kindly to not swear during chats as Twitter is a public space and we wouldn't want to offend anyone

  • Please respect others and their opinions – its important to show respect, even in 140 characters, treat others how you wish to be treated

  • Feel free to disagree – Please feel free to disagree with people during a discussion but remember that it is a discussion and not an argument

  • Please do not harass or intimidate fellow chatters – This is not nice and could lead to you being reported and blocked by #NurseShift and #WeNurses

And remember if you wouldn't say it in a room full of people then don't say it on Twitter


If you feel that someone has broken the NMC code or is close to breaking the NMC code whilst chatting please DM the chat co-ordinator and we will listen to your concerns and help you in any way we can.

If you feel that you have been harassed or intimidated during a #NurseShift or #WeNurses chat then please take the following action:

  • If possible take screen shots of the offending tweets

  • Email all details to us at email@wenurses.co.uk

  • Delete, block and report the Twitter user to Twitter (most twitter tools support this)

  • Inform you local police of the issue if needed, harassment on twitter is is still harassment

We will treat all concerns completely confidentially and investigate them thoroughly. Should we find that a chatter has been at fault we will block them from both @WeNurses and @NurseShift accounts. Please note that this may not discourage or prevent them from joining in future chats but we will no longer be engaging with them.


Please feel free to post in to this blog; you'll need to be logged in via twitter from the top right of the menu to post.
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16 November 2015 09:42
I think this line is very important: "And remember if you wouldn't say it in a room full of people then don't say it on Twitter" To add to it further - never say anything online that you wouldn't say to a patient - or even better, your registering body (AHPRA for us Aussies). There is no anonymity online, and it's best to maintain your reputation

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