"We" share all sorts of stuff via Twitter discussions from Evidence Based Practice #EBP to tweets expressing opinions, personal experience and thoughts - practice based evidence (a concept explored by Swisher 2010. ) However the transient nature of Twitter means that all this very useful stuff is lost in the ether, which is very sad indeed. But there is good news, it's all here .. just search!


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#MyWe a 3 of 3 How to get Best Value blog series - CPD
25 May, 2016 by @NRCUK
Completing the "How to get Best Value blog series" for #MyWe we finish on using it for Continuing Professional Development (CPD). You can see the complete series here covering badges and follows too. With a wide range of health focused roles represented across all the WeCommunities how we evidence our professional development varies, but continue t ...
#MyWe a 2 of 3 How to get Best Value blog series - Follows
23 May, 2016 by @NRCUK
"Here are some people we think you might like to follow..." says TwitterThat's great thanks Twitter, but if I want to use Twitter to connect professionally I may need a slightly more intelligent list of people to follow! (Don't tell anyone but I don't even know who Michelle Keegan is.)In this 2nd MyWe How To Blog (see the 1st one here on badges) we ...
#MyWe a 1 of 3 How to get Best Value blog series - Badges
06 May, 2016 by @NRCUK
This series of 3 blogs is designed to help you get the best from the marvelous #MyWe tool embedded into your WeCommunities tweets.#MyWe has been purposefully designed to add value to being part of a tweeting WeCommunity, you can read more about how we made #MyWe happen here with continued thanks go to @danielsHCltd for funding the solution.Things y ...

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