#AllOurHealth - Monday 12th February 2018 8pm (GMT Standard Time) Healthy Beginnings - Healthy Transitions #AllOurHealth

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This chat is guest hosted by @WendyJNicholson @Greenwoodpj

Healthy beginnings - healthy transitions (CYP 0-19)

Welcome to the 5th and final twitter discussion in our WeLearn #AllOurHealth series.  This discussion will be focussing on healthy beginnings and healthy transitions for children and young people (0-19) 

Both healthy transitions and healthy beginnings are recognised as vital priority areas of All Our Health 

Healthy beginnings are all about The first 1001 days (from conception to age 2) which is widely recognised as a crucial period; evidence shows that this will have impact and influence on the rest of the life course. A healthy pregnancy lays the foundation for  a healthy baby and supporting parents to make the transition to parenthood is important. Providing a nurturing environment, positive attachment and relationships are vital to build good health, emotional self-regulation and resilience through childhood and into adult life. (PHE 2017

And healthy transitions are focussed on the progression of children "through a number of transition stages in their lives as part of the journey to adulthood. Early adolescence is widely recognised as a crucial period that will have an impact and influence on the child or young person’s life. Between the ages of 10 and14 years, children and young people experience many changes which may impact on their wellbeing positively or negatively." (PHE 2017) 

Viv Bennett (Public Health England Chief Nurse & the Government's Principal Advisor on Public Health Nursing. Public Health Nursing & Midwifery WHO Collaborating Centre Head) explains more in the video below:


There is some further discussion in this second video:



This #AllOurHealth tweetchat aims to explore both healthy beginnings and healthy transitions and ask the key questions below: 

  • Why is support crucial in the early years?
  • What are the key public health challenges facing children 0-5?
  • What are the key public health interventions and are they evidence based?
  • What are the key challenges for children and young people 5-19?
  • How can we make the biggest impact on CYP health and wellbeing outcomes? 
  • How can we support the needs of CYP using place based approaches and community based assets? 

For this tweetchat we will be joined by Wendy Nicholson (@WendyJNicholson) National Lead Nurse - Children, young people & Penny Greenwood (@GreenwoodPJ) Associate lead nurse- children, young people and families, Chief Nurse Directorate, PHE. Fellow of Faculty Public Health.

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