#WeLDNs - Tuesday 19th June 2018 8:30pm (GMT Standard Time) LDCelebrateMe Chat 2 - Secondary Care

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This chat is guest hosted by @FoNScharity

Celebrate Me: Evidencing the impact and securing the future of Learning Disability Nursing

Hosted by WeLDNurses and guest hosts, The Foundation of Nursing Studies (FoNS) @FoNSCharity

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This is the second in a series of three Tweet Chats, guest hosted by FoNS. FoNS has developed a project, with support from NHS England and Health Education England (London), to enable the voice of learning disability nurses delivering frontline services to come to the fore and influence the future at at a time when the role of learning disability nursing in the profession faces significant challenge.

FoNS believes that understanding the perspective and experience of learning disability nurses in practice must inform the future preparation, work and ongoing development of learning disability nurses. This would add value to existing activity by evidencing the important role learning disability nurses have across health and social care; not just for those people with a learning disability but across the population.

FoNS’ aspiration for this project is to generate a new narrative for learning disability nursing and so, in order to reach out to nurses as widely as possible the three chats aim to capture experiences from across primary, secondary and tertiary health and social care.

Background to ‘Celebrate Me’

The review of learning disability nursing undertaken in 2011-12 and subsequent report ‘Strengthening the Commitment’, has offered recommendations for modernising learning disability nursing roles and practice. In 2015, the UK Strengthening the Commitment Steering Group published their report celebrating the achievements towards realising these recommendations. They also outlined an ongoing agenda to further strengthen the role of and leadership amongst learning disability nurses, regulation and quality. 

In line with Government policy and best professional practice, the delivery of learning disability services need to respond to the challenges across health and social care and change to meet the needs of a growing group of people using services. Learning disability nurses also need to identify where they can make their most telling contribution to care delivery across primary, secondary and tertiary settings.To enable this, it will also be necessary describe the educational and training interventions required to address education and development needs of the current workforce to support retention. However, this is also against a backdrop of serious concerns about the reduction in applicants for learning disability nursing graduate programmes.

‘Celebrate Me’ aims to challenge the current perceptions of learning disability nurses and nursing, by working with policymakers, educators, employers and people using services to demonstrate the unique and important contribution that learning disability nurses make across all care sectors.

Further information about Celebrate Me and the work FoNS is leading on please visit http://ldnurses.wordpress.com blog site. This site will host the outputs from the Tweet Chats including the transcripts which will be subject to further content analysis and the theming that you will be able to review and offer a further layer of review and critique. The site is also a space where you can post additional comments and stories from practice. As the project progresses, details will be posted of other ways nurses, other professionals and people using services can engage in the project. A final report from the work will be published in March 2019.

Tweet Chat

At this second Tweet Chat on the 19th June 2018, at 2030 hours BST, the focus will be on learning disability nursing within the secondary care sector. In accordance with the NICE glossary of definitions this includes any ‘healthcare provided in hospitals’. This includes accident and emergency departments, outpatient departments, antenatal services, genitourinary medicine and sexual health clinics’.

@FoNSCharity and @WeLDNurses invites you to share your experiences of positive practice and considerthe following questions for discussion:

1-Where and how are learning disability nurses having a positive impact on the lives of people with a learning disability and their families?

2-Why is learning disability nursing an essential role to sustain in secondary care above and beyond other people and professionals who deliver services?

3-To what extent is the role of learning disability nursing understood in secondary care and how can this be strengthened?

4-What support do learning disability nurses working at the frontline of services in secondary care need to strengthen their role?

5-Is the current educational provision for learning disability nursing fit for purpose, what needs to change to enhance this and how would you articulate the importance of sustaining programmes to universities etc?

6-Finally, what would your ‘elevated pitch’ to government and policy makers be about the importance of learning disability nursing?

Your involvement is vital to creating this new narrative for learning disability nursing and influencing policy makers regarding the future!

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