#WeNurses - Thursday 5th December 2019 8pm (GMT Standard Time) Working well together

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It has been great to see the advent of a new Twitter community hashtag #TeamPatient:



It's been fantastic to watch from afar the beginning of this community but at the same time it is clear that there is much work to be done around the nurse- patient relationship both in real life on on social media.  There was recently a Twitter thread that highlighted some concerns:







With this in mind this #WeNurses tweetchat aims to explore the nurse - patient relationship and how we can work well together, some of the questions we will be asking are:

  • What does nurses and patients working together currently look like ? Both in real life and social media
  • What does "good" look like in terms of working together  with the people we care for? 
  • How can we best support/facilitate frontline staff and patients to work together to find common solutions to common problems?
  •  Once solution worked out how do we support them both to change policy?
  • Does social media have a role to play in patients and nurses working together? 
  • What one thing would you change that would make nurses and patients working together a positive and productive experience?

Everyone is welcome to this tweetchat - nurses, patients, family members, other healthcare professionals ... everyone adds value.  

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