How We Made MyWe happen

Saturday 12th September 2015 by @WeNurses

There comes a point when you just need help!

As many of you already know the WeCommunities are run by a team of volunteers to bring you tweetchats and tweet alongside you. The communities are glued together by the founder Teresa Chinn MBE, with Nick Chinn looking after the technology we all use.

When you've pushed all your tech to the limits, but still want to keep driving things forward, you just have to put your hand up and say....HELP!

We've been in contact with Daniels Healthcare Ltd for a couple of years now and they've been really keen to help, but, we weren't sure if it would be appropriate to accept help from a commercial organisation, or how we could use it! 

So when we needed help to drive the WeTech forward via MyWe to help connect you better, give you some community engagement feedback and push tweetchating CDP to the max, we were delighted that Daniels came good and help us to fund the building of MyWe.

If you've not managed to explore MyWe yet you can learn about it here and find it via the menu above.

We wanted you to meet our Daniels contacts and see what wonderful people they are, so we sent Nick off to have a chat with them, please take a few mins to hear the story and it would be great if you sent them a thank you tweet too at @DanielsHCareLtd

We hope you enjoy hearing how We made MyWe happen...


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